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Navras syrup is a herbal cough syrup .Its anti-inflammatory herbs reduce inflammatory conditions in the respiratory tract and relieves Cough.

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Dyzee syrup is a herbal Digestive tonic. It is an appetizer and digestive useful in loss of appetite, indigestion and Flatulence

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Swasasugam Syrup: 200 ml

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Dyzee Capsule is a Digestive and appetizer helpful in loss of appetite, indigestion and flatulence

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Asmask capsules

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Vigropac Capsules are natural herbal formula for Vim, Vigour, Vitality and Rejuvenation. It is highly potent in promoting vigour and strength. It enhances blood circulation to the sexual organs. Controls pre-mature ejaculation and improves stamina. It enhances male fertility by increasing volume and sperm count.

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