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Gynae Care Ayurvedic Medicines

Irregular menstrual cycles and other such gynecological issue can likewise be dealt effortlessly by Medicinal Herbs of Ayurveda. Ladies - young and old alike - are confronting countless issues, for example, menstrual irregularities, severe pain and discomfort amid menstruation, excess and heavy bleeding, absence of menstruation, white discharge, infection, infertility, cysts, fibroids etc. In any case, what is by and large not known is that for every one of these issues of women, Ayurveda offers effective treatments.

Stree Rogam (Gynecology) and Prasuti tantra (Obstetrics) constitute among the eight branches of Ayurveda. Stree rogam manages the Signs and Symptoms of different infections identified with Women alongside the Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment. Prasuti tantra is related to strategies for accomplishing reproductive health.

Food and other habits contribute a great deal towards a woman’s health. It is largely the outcome of the disturbance of three Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha alongside the blood leading towards various illnesses.

For instance, when vayu gets bothered in the genitals and reproductive organs, it offers ascend to penetrating and different sorts of pain, stiffness, a sensation of ants crawling, hardness and numbness of the vagina, exhaustion, thin and rough menstrual bleeding, a sentiment instant relief after the discharge of menstrual blood and so forth. Thus, burning sensation, inflammation, swelling, fever, heat, discoloration of menstrual blood, are a percentage of the regular manifestations of irritation of pitta in the regenerative organ. Itching sensation in the genitals with mild pain and pale menstrual flow are a percentage of the symptoms of aggravation of kapha.

In General, all chronic gynecological disorders are dealt with at first by mild utilization of the five purificatory therapies - what is known as the panchakarma. Use of oil both internally and externally alongside is exceptionally crucial to this treatment. Mensure capsules, OG Pac syrup and Utin capsules are Vopec’s Ayurvedic formulation to settle women’s uterine problems. It also balances the three doshas as mentioned above and keeps the woman’s body balanced and fit.

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