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Panchadeepagni Churanam

  • Panchadeepagni Churanam
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Panchadeepagni churanam is a siddha medicine useful in relieving all types of gastric problems including colic, indigestion, loss of appetite and biliousness

What it contains?

Each 50 gm contains
Cukku Zingiber officinale(Rz.) 5 gm
Milaku Piper nigrum(Fr.) 5 gm
Tippili Piper longum(Fr.) 5 gm
Elam Elettaria cardamomum(sd) 5 gm
Cirakam Cuminum cyminum(Fr.) 5 gm
Carkkarai Saccharum officinarum 25 gm

1 to 2 gm along with honey or ghee or as directed by the physician
Contra indication: As it contains sugar it may increase blood sugar level,
hence people with diabetes should avoid taking this product.
Avoid Tamarind,Tobacco and foods with bitter taste

The Siddha Formulary of India
Panchadeepagni Churanam