Treatments offered in our therapy center


Abi- angam meaning application of oil over the body. Abhyangam is a specialized technique of oil application over the body. It is done by the professional Ayurveda therapists who are well known about the anatomy of muscles and bones. Massage oil is selected uniquely for every person according to their need and body condition. Abhyangam tranquilizes the mind, improves blood circulation, and strengthens bones and muscles. Applying oil over the body from head to toe cools the body, improves vision power, hearing capacity and radiance of skin. Regular practice of abhyangam delays ageing process (anti-ageing) and alleviates body aches makes the body as strong as iron.


This is an herbal steaming therapy followed by the massage. Swedanam is a process of perspiration, induces sweating from the body. This method detoxifies the body by removing exogenous toxins from the body. It helps to reduce excess body fat and relieves body stiffness. It is designed specially so as to prevent the eyes and hair from steaming.


This is a method of pouring medicated oil over the forehead continuously in continuous mode. It enhances mental stability, calms down the mind, relieves migraine headache.


This is a method of pouring medicated oil /buttermilk all over the body continuously in persistent mode. It enhances complexion, skin texture, relieves skin diseases and body stiffness.

Pinda swedha

Massaging the body with medicated bag heated in specified medicated oil. Medicated bag is prepared with specific leaves/powders/medicated rice in order to relive body aches, stiffness and bone disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica etc.


This is a specialized procedure for weight reduction. Powders of weight reducing herbal powders are mixed with oil or buttermilk depending on the body condition is applied all over the body followed by oil application. It dissolves excess fat in the body and also removes dead cells of skin.


Application of medicated paste over the face followed by massaging the face with medicated oil. It improves complexion, removes black patches and blemishes. This is an excellent remedy for acne and black spots.


Required drops of medicated oil is instilled in to the nostrils. It helps to clear the sinuses and drains out sinus blockage. It relieves headache and enhances smell perception. Nasyam is an excellent remedy for facial palsy, cervical spondylosis etc nervous disorders.


Medicated paste is applied around the eyes and medicated ghee is retained over the eyes. It improves eye sight and strengthens eye muscles.


A leather cap is tied over the head and medicated oil is poured in to that up to I inch from the scalp for required duration. This is useful in facial palsy, paralysis and cranial nerve disorders.


Kativasti is the procedure of holding the medicated oil over the affected part of spine for specific period. It is mainly indicated for lower back ache.


Januvasti is the procedure of retaining the medicated oil over the knees for a specific period of time.It relieves stiffness, reduces pain and inflammation. It improves joint flexibility mainly indicated for arthritic conditions.


This is a method of pouring medicated milk all over the body continuously in persistent mode. It cools the body , enhances complexion, skin texture, relieves skin diseases.