Vopec Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Center


Vopec Pharmaceuticals is a DSIR (India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) Certified Research & Development facility.

Dr. Baskaran Pillai serves as study director and originator of Vopec’s novel formulations. Heading Vopec’s R&D laboratory is chief scientist Dr. MG Dinesh. Dr. Dinesh holds a PhD in Stem Cell Biology from Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai.  He has over 12 years in dedicated stem cell research and drug discovery with many premier institutions resulting in dozens of international and national publications and several patents. Dr. Dinesh conducted Vopec’s single-arm, open-labeled clinical study with chronic plaque psoriasis patients treated with our proprietary formulation, resulting in an out-licensing agreement with Lupin Pharmaceuticals.

We validate our high value Siddha drug formulations using in silico and in vitro assays against common diseases such as dengue, H1N1, H5N1, and others. Once confirmed, the Siddha formulations move to human clinical trials. We test for efficacy, safety and a product that is free from toxicity to confirm the medicinal properties of herbs.

Clinical Trials

Vopec has completed two clinical trials on high target Siddha drug candidates: Nisore Oil and Amrta Karuna.

Psoriasis: A full report published in Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research on Vopec’s Nisore Oil trials on 300 psoriasis patients in conjunction
with Madras Medical College can be downloaded here.

Covid-19: In June 2020, Vopec conducted a prospective, non-randomized, open label observational clinical study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Amrta Karuna syrup to improve immune system response in mildly symptomatic, quarantined Covid-19 patients. This is an ICMR registered (CTRI/2020/06/025527) clinical trial conducted at Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute.

Quality Control

To obtain consistent uniformity in batch production and quality control, we have experienced team of Quality Control & Quality Assurance professionals. Our Quality Control Department is headed by Dr. Kavitha Barath B.A.M.S and Dr. Joseph Thottam Bsc RIMP in Siddha Medicine.

In our Quality Control Department, our products are tested for identity, purity and strength of the raw materials and the final product. We carry out macroscopic, microscopic, and other physical tests for selection of medicinal herbs.

The raw materials are further tested for presence of foreign matter, solubility factor as well as insolubility factor, total ash content, estimation of volatile oil content / active constituent of the herbs in order to obtain genuine raw material, free from contamination and adulteration.

The product Samples are further tested in our microbiological lab for the presence of Microbial contamination such as Total Bacteria Count, Total Fungal Count, E. coli, Salmonelia, S. Aureus, Pseudomonas, etc. including aflatoxins. In our instrumental laboratories we also test our product for the presence of heavy metals such as lead, copper, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.

To maintain Batch consistency checks are carried out at various stages of production by adopting Standard Operating Procedures by Manufacturing Chemist and Quality Control experts. The final batch is released for sale after being certified by Quality Control team.

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