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Pharmaliv Capsule 60

  • Pharmaliv Capsule
  • Pharmaliv Capsules
  • Pharmaliv Capsules
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Pharmaliv Capsules For Liver Protection:

Pharmaliv Capsules are made from a highly potent blend of liver protective herbs. This formulation stimulates detoxifying functions of the liver and removes toxins from the body. It enhances free flow of bile in to the intestines by clearing obstructions in the gall bladder and also promotes liver functions that aid in proper digestion. The formula restores liver cells damaged due to infection and/or excessive consumption of alcohol. Pharmaliv Capsules are also ideal for regaining strength and vitality when recovering from jaundice


Take 1 to 2 capsules twice a day after meals or as directed by your physician. Please keep in mind that it is always prudent to consult your physician for the correct dosage that is suitable for your current condition.

Additional Treatment Plan Considerations

For enhanced results, take the capsules with Pharmaliv Syrup.

General Health TipsGeneral Health Tips

  • Limit Spicy,Salt and sour tasting food
  • Avoid taking Oily and fried food stuffs
  • Avoid fast foods and reheated foods
  • Drink more water to flush out the toxins
  • Always lie on your left side to facilitate the bile flow
  • Avoid using carbonated drinks and alcohol

Key Ingredients

  • Eclipta alba (Karicalai)
  • Phyllanthus niruri (Kilkkainelliccamulam)
  • Andrographis paniculata (Nilavempu)
  • Thrikaduku choornam

Further Reading and References:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the health risks associated with liver dysfunction?

Liver is at the center of detoxification, digestion and protein manufacturing functions. If the function is impaired many associated problems can arise.

Is there any toxicity concern shown in the study of Pharmaliv Capsules?

Some herbal chemicals can induce mutations and can also be responsible for future mutations. Mutations are responsible for abnormal cell growth that could lead to toxicity and cancer. To test that there is no such effect, Pharmaliv Capsules have been subjected to comprehensive research study. Using analysis known as 'bacterial reverse mutation' method, Pharmaliv Capsules have been tested for mutagenicity, toxicity and carcinogenicity. The study showed that there was no significant finding for such toxicity.

Pharmaliv Capsule 60