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17 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hair Growth and Baldness

Hair loss, receding hairline and baldness create anxiety, fear and lack of self confidence in an individual. These side effects like anxiety and fear by itself will cause stress and stress induces more hair fall. In a nutshell, the worry for hair loss or baldness itself becomes the root cause of further hair loss.

The solution to get rid of such problems and to grow your hair back is Ayurveda. Ayurvedic home remedies for hair growth. Practice these 17 home remedies and see your hair grow back and make you feel more confident and presentable.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hair Growth and Baldness

1. Coconut oil

Warm pure coconut oil; the cold refined variety and massage this onto your scalp and hair twice a week. Follow it up with your regular mild shampoo and avoid the conditioner while doing this treatment. Coconut oil promotes hair growth and arrests hair fall.

2. Olive oil

Like the coconut oil massage, you can use olive oil too. You must choose the cold pressed variety of olive oil for this and follow the same procedure as for coconut oil massage. Olive oil too fights hair loss.

3. Bhringaraj

Bhringaraj oil which can be made at home or store bought from an organic store helps in recouping your lost hair. It will also prevent dandruff and other scalp related infections.

4. Amla

Amla, otherwise called the Indian gooseberry is an excellent hair tonic. You can either mix in amla powder to coconut oil and boil and filter it for use as massage oil or drink amla juice daily. Amla contains vitamin C which fights against infections and also contains iron which will strengthen and promote your hair growth.

5. Curry leaves

If you are facing an alarming hair fall problem, reach out to curry leaves instantly. All you will have to do is, soak a handful of fresh curry leaves in plain water overnight. The next morning chew the curry leaves and follow it up with the water. Curry leaves will promote hair growth and give you that shiny, bushy and thick hair.

6. Eggs

Call for eggs every weekend. Use a pack made of egg white and yellow or both separately at least once during every weekend when you find the time. There are numerous hair recipes with egg which will help you gain back all the lost hair and fight baldness too.

7. Don’t use chemical colors to color your hair

If you are keen on coloring your hair for grey coverage, prefer organic hair colors or the traditional henna. If you use chemically loaded commercial hair colors, you are sure to face hair loss.

To help promote hair growth and to strengthen your hair follicles, fenugreek comes handy. You can soak a few fenugreek seeds in curd overnight and grind this mixture to a fine paste the next morning. Use this hair pack and let it on for 20 minutes before you wash it off.

9. Hibiscus leaves and flowers

For an excellent conditioner that will fight baldness and promote hair growth, use the natural conditioner made of hibiscus leaves and flowers. If you are in India, you will find a hibiscus plant in almost every neighborhood. Pluck a few fresh flowers and leaves and soak them in warm water overnight. The next morning, grind both into a fine paste and use this as a hair pack.

10. Apple cider vinegar

You could give your hair a last rinse using apple cider vinegar concoction. 1 measure of apple cider vinegar: 2 measures of plain water mixed to it will make a wonderful anti-hair fall concoction for you.

11. Holy basil

Holy basil has the pepperminty flavor to it and when soaked in water, ground and used as a hair pack will stimulate your hair follicles for better hair growth.

12. Butter fruit

You could scoop out the flesh part of a butter fruit, stir in some honey to it, mash the mixture well and use it as a hair pack for beautiful, lustrous hair to grow back.

13. Shallots

Shallots otherwise known as the small variety of onions will help refill your hairline. Cut and peel a few shallots and rub the juice directly onto your scalp or the bald spots. If you religiously do this at least twice a week and for a period of 3 months, you will find hair growing back.

14. Peppermint

Peppermint has that stimulating property and when ground to a fine paste and used as a hair pack not only promotes hair growth, but also keeps scalp infections at bay.

15. Castor oil

Use cold pressed castor oil to massage your hair and scalp. Leaving this oil overnight on your hair and washing it the next morning will eventually result in hair growth soon.

16. Essential oils

Using essential oils like lemon oil, rosemary oil, ylang ylang oil etc. and mixing it to a good carrier oil like coconut or almond oil will work wonders during a head massage. It will stimulate hair growth and soothe and calm down your scalp if you have an irritable scalp condition.

17. You hair wash routine

Do not over wash or under wash your hair. When you over wash your hair (more than twice a week), you will unconsciously rip away the natural oils that your scalp products to maintain your hair. At the same time, if you don’t wash your hair at least twice a week, you will be sure to witness hair fall and scalp infections. Follow a proper hair wash routine to keep hair fall and baldness away.

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