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Top 20 Reasons for Hair Loss/Hair Fall

Thinning hair, hair loss, hair fall etc. are common words and complaints these days. It is true that men are losing their hair however short it is and long-haired girls are losing out on the luster and shine in their hair.

Hair, the major player in determining one’s personality is but a rare gift these days. Reasons are many, be it personal or environmental; however the loss is completely yours. Hair fall is a demoralizing factor which will lower down your morale and self-confidence. Here’s a list of the top 20 reasons for hair fall or hair loss and relevant treatment from Ayurveda for hair loss, so that you belong to the healthier group of people.

reasons for hair loss
  • Stress Factor: De-stress yourself with Ayurvedic hair oil massages now and then. Keep it as a habit at least monthly once and it will give you immense relief from work pressure.
  • Protein Loss: Understanding that your lifestyles are really busy, it is important to at least dedicate time to make salads and vegetable curries which take no more than 5 minutes of your personal time. You can also bite into a piece of apple or orange when you feel hungry than loading yourself with unhealthy stuff.
  • Pregnancy: While you are pregnant, most of your nutrition is transported to the baby for its growth and development. As a result, hair fall and hair loss will be seen. To overcome hair fall in such conditions, it is important to eat in a healthy way and do yoga for pregnancy.
  • Loads of Vitamin A: When you dump yourself with food stuff that’s rich in Vitamin A; example, butter, ghee and other forms of fat which are enriched with Vitamin A, you will suffer hair loss. Using these products in moderation is the solution to stay safe.
  • Male Pattern Baldness: Certain males knowingly or unknowingly fall prey to male pattern baldness, which starts with hair falling to a minimal quantity and ends up in baldness. To overcome this use of Ayurveda oils for hair loss will prove to be effective.
  • Heredity Driven: Hair loss, baldness and associated problems can sometimes be the outcome of your heredity too. To stay safe and not to fall into the same it your parents and ancestors have fallen into, practice eating healthy and exercising right from while you are young.
  • Hormonal Fluctuations: While a person is suffering of a particular disease, hormonal changes are common. Still, when medications have worked out on the problem and solved it, the hormones take some time to revert to their normal functioning. As a result, hair fall may be witnessed. The treatment from Ayurveda for hair loss in this case is herbal medicinal preparations which can stabilize such fluctuations.
  • Depression and emotional problems: It is common to anyone to have emotional ups and downs. Unfortunately a few of them who suffer such problems are subject to hair loss. In such cases, consulting an Ayurvedic expert for an herbal solution will be the best help for the hour.
  • Anemia: When you suffer from insufficient hemoglobin counts in your blood, hair loss is the resultant. Ayurveda food practices like iron enriched healthy foods, the stress on ghee, fruits and vegetables will be the ideal solution to this problem.
  • Thyroid, the killer: When people suffer of thyroid problems, hair loss is also one of the symptoms along with other troublesome side effects. The Ayurvedic cure to this problem is taking in herbal preparations to stabilize your thyroid levels, so that the cause of the problem is solved, leading to stoppage of hair loss as well.
  • Vitamin Deficiency: When there’s a vitamin deficiency in your body, the first affected part will be your head and scalp. To overcome such problems, it is essential to take care of your food habits. Healthy eating is the only solution.
  • The Drug Drama: When you are addicted to certain drugs in your daily lifestyle, hair loss can be one of the side effects. Your attempts to stop yourself from taking in such drugs (even regular pain killers are addictive) and sorting after Ayurveda for your habits is the best solution.
  • Extensive weight loss programs: If you had enrolled for some weight reduction treatment and found the results to be too good, well, the bad news is in the form of hair fall and other side effects. Enough dosages of proteins in a healthy way will bring about the remedy.
  • Chemo: If you have been undergoing chemotherapy sessions for health cure, then hair loss is an apparent side effect. Eating healthy fruits and veggies and taking in a lot of proteins will help.
  • Uterus disorders: Uterus related issues like polycystic ovaries etc. will take a toll on your hair and scalp. To keep yourself away from this side effect, regularly follow your prescribed medicines. Weight reduction in a healthy way will also help.
  • Dependency on medications: If you have been addicted to medicines for every small need right from depression to blood purification, then hair loss will be an obvious result. Keep yourself away from medicines and divert yourself with yoga.
  • Ageing: This process is another reason to hair loss. Keeping yourself fit and fine becomes essential day by day as you grow old to keep away from hair loss.
  • Styling sagas: Over use of styling products like straightening gels, hair sprays etc. are the major reason to hair fall. Go in for treatments from Ayurveda for hair loss – practice yourself to using homemade hair packs for a healthy head of hair.
  • Exposure to heat: As a continuation to styling or straightening your hair, ironing it out frequently or exposing it to harsh chemicals will result in hair loss very soon. Maintaining your hair in the Ayurvedic way rather than going in for such treatments will save you.
  • Food habits: This term is collective of all the above quoted reasons. When you are indulging yourself into more fatty and oily foods, you are doing harm to yourself. Pamper your health, hair and skin with healthy food items. Replace those junky snacks with helpful fruits and nuts and a head full of healthy hair will be just yours!!
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