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Bhringarajaadhi churna

  • Bhringarajaadhi churna
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Bhringarajaadhi churna

Eclipta alba for Enlightenment

Enlightenment formula for self and spiritual cognizance


Bringarajaadhi churna Capsule is a phyto pharmaceutical formulation of Eclipta alba fortified with the whole goodness of Amla and Sesame seeds.


Ancient medical treatises of India denotes Eclipta alba as a rejuvenator, help to attain perfect healthy state of the body which is free from aging, degeneration, pain, and premature death. Eclipta alba improves mental cognition, enables the mind to understand inner deep-down traits improve thinking process and generates new ideas.

Phoneme enhanced

Our founder Dr.Pillai strongly insists that being a living creature plants have sensitivity of perceiving good and bad happens around them. They grow faster in musically pleasant surroundings. They observe good vibrations; release purity and removes evil spirits from the atmosphere. To enhance the healing qualities of Eclipta alba, it has been exposed to sound vibrations, the spiritual mantras exclusively meant for self and spiritual transformation. These Mantras enhance the quality of Eclipta alba and provides higher intelligence and concentration as well.


Regular consumption of this capsule provides

  • Quick recovery from diseases
  • Enhances immune power
  • Expands lifespan
  • Delays ageing changes like wrinkles, grey hairs
  • Clears vision abnormalities. 
  • Improves clear audible range.
  • Relieves daily stresses. 

Herbal composition

Each Capsule Contains

Whole plant extract of Eclipta alba enriched with Indian Gooseberry and Sesame Seed Powder encapsulated in veg capsule .

Serving Size

One to two capsules can be taken twice daily with food.

Bhringarajaadhi churna