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How to Use Curry Leaves for Hair Care

According to the Indian culture all the vegetables and fruits have knowingly or unknowingly made a foremost contribution to the nutrients we obtain. Without even knowing the scientific goodness behind certain fruits and veggies, our ancestors and parents have stressed us on eating them and made it a main course in our diets. Curry leaf is one such ingredient which has been stressed on.

Not only to spruce up the flavor of a particular recipe, but also as a seasoning and decorating ingredient, curry leaves have always been the add on to our foods. You must have known that green leafy veggies contain enough nutrients and Vitamin A. Curry leaves contain a lot more than what the normal leafy vegetables contain – and that’s nothing but the Ayurvedic Hair Care secret in it.

Curry Leaves for Hair Care

Long lustrous strands of hair are a gift to you when you consume curry leaves. It also can be used externally for Ayurvedic Hair Care and this is how you can go about it:

1. Contains the Repair Mantra: No matter what chemical, heat or external factors have affected your hair, curry leaf has the repair mantra for you. You can grind a fine paste of these leaves and apply it on to your hair to normalize your hair out of these acidic reactions and give health to your scalp.

2. Wades away hair fall: If dandruff and associated problems are hunting your hair, hair fall will be the resultant. For natural cure, you can add a few teaspoons of lemon extract to finely ground curry leaf paste and apply the combo as a pack to your hair. This will not only reduce the incidence of dandruff and problems alike, but will control your hair fall in no time.

3. Natural Hair Tonic: If you want to feed your hair with some natural hair tonic, you can beat up an egg (both the yellow and white together) and mix it with curry leaf paste. This pack will not only be thick and consistent making application easier, but will provide your hair follicles with immense nutrition, which normal chemicals and other English medicines cannot even formulate.

4. Curry Leaf hair oil: If you are looking to make some natural hair oil for yourself, it is as simple as that with curry leaves by your side. Along with curry leaves, you can also shade-dry a handful of hibiscus leaves. If you can add up to the mixture with some lemon rinds, then there’s nothing like it. Sun dry all these ingredients and add it to boiling coconut oil. Prefer the extra virgin type of coconut oil for this process.

As soon as the whole mix boils for 5 minutes, remove it from the flame and let the mixture cool down naturally. Once done, filter it through a fine muslin cloth or filter and throw away the leaves and rinds. Bottle up the rest of the oil and use it as regular oil for your hair. A healthy head of hair will be yours.

5. Prevents Premature Greying: If you have premature greying problems, then there’s nothing like the miracle of curry leaves on it. Boil coconut oil with fresh curry leaves, cool down the mixture and use it to oil your hair. Curry leaves ensure that you get dark black hair with great volume. While rinsing away your hair, squeeze in some lemon juice to the water you use. This combo works great together. Following this method weekly once or twice will bring fabulous results.

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