Case Study

Diabetes – Treatment and Results

Mr. Balaji, 50 years old, has been suffering from Diabetes for about 10 years. He complained of increased saliva secretion from the mouth and increased frequency of urination especially more at night. Because of this he was not able to sleep continuously. He was also suffered with tiredness (even after simple work) and lack of appetite for about 2 months.

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Asthma Treatement and Results

Mrs.Gowri, 68 yr old patient was suffering from asthma for the past 7 years. She was distressed because of frequent attack of wheezing with dry cough and chest congestion. The condition got aggravated during cold weather and significantly when she became more anxious and tension. She was unable to climb up the stairs due to shortness of breath and this made her inaccessible to outdoor.

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Psoriasis Treatement and Results

Mr.Sunil, 37 years old, had been suffering from Psoriasis for about 5 years. He complained of reddish patches over the chest and back along with itching and whitish powder like scales falling when he scratched. He also suffered from stiffness and pain in fingers, wrist and knee joints, and tiredness (even after simple work) for about 6 months. He had no family history of Psoriasis.

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