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Psoriasis-Case study

Mr.Sunil, 37 years old, had been suffering from Psoriasis for about 5 years. He complained of reddish patches over the chest and back along with itching and whitish powder like scales falling when he scratched. He also suffered from stiffness and pain in fingers, wrist and knee joints, and tiredness (even after simple work) for about 6 months. He had no family history of Psoriasis.

His condition would aggravate during cold weather and while he was more stressed. At those times he experienced more itching and scaling of skin even on the bedspreads. He tried Allopathic medicine for his illness but those were not effective. He had a chance to see our website while browsing the web about his illness. As he was very much fascinated about our treatment he contacted our doctor through Skype.

Ayurvedic Perspective

While consulting with the patient, our doctor analyzed his Prakrithi (body constitution) Vikrithi (aggravated Dosha type that caused the illness) and the improper food and activities that the patient had followed. She found that aggravated Vata along with Kapha are the doshas that caused this illness and accumulation of toxins are the main pathological factor. She prescribed medicines to pacify these doshas and to regain the normal skin color and texture of the skin.


Doctor recommended Nisore Capsule and Nisore Oil for his condition. Along with that he was directed to take Nart capsule for his joint pain. He was also guided to a suitable diet regime. Counseling was given to him to reduce the aggravating factor. He was advised to avoid spicy and sour tasty foods, curd, milk, coffee, animal foods, fish varieties and oily foods. He was also asked to avoid day sleep and exposure to cold wind.


The patient has been under this treatment regime for the past 2 months. During first month, the problem of itching and dropping of white scales reduced to a great extend. In the 2nd month, the skin affected by the patches became smooth and itching and scaling was completely cured. He is able to walk freely; joints become flexible and there was no pain or stiffness and by the end of 2nd month, 75 % of his problem was cured. Now he is more energetic, both mentally and physically.

Disclaimer: The case studies presented in our website are for the reference only and we do not guarantee that all patients will experience the same results. Results may differ from person to person.