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Asthma - Case study


Mrs.Gowri,68 yr old patient was suffering from asthma for the past 7 years. She was distressed because of frequent attack of wheezing with dry cough and chest congestion. The condition got aggravated during cold weather and significantly when she became more anxious and tension. She was unable to climb up the stairs due to shortness of breath and this made her inaccessible to outdoor.

There was no family history of Asthma identified. She was also suffering with knee joint pain and hypertension .She was under Allopathy medication for the past 6 yrs but she did not get relief. Once her son had a chance to visit Vopec website and very much impressed by the advantages of our treatment. Immediately he booked expert consultation appointment for his mother.

Ayurvedic Perspective:

While consultation with the patient, our doctor analyzed her Prakrithi( body constitution) Vikrithi (aggravated Dosha type that caused the illness) and the improper food and activities that the patient had followed .Our doctor identified that Kapha dosha was in aggravated state along with pitta dosha and accumulation toxins affecting body’s immunity . This caused chest congestion, difficulty in breathing and cough. She prescribed natural medicines in order to pacify these doshas and to regain the normalcy.

Treatment Doctor recommended Swasa sugam Syrup for her illness. She was also counselled to suitable diet and regimen to be followed. Counselling was given her to reduce the aggravating factors. She was advised to avoid using inhalers, doing vigorous exercise, drinking excess water, sweet, salty and sour tasty foods, root vegetables, oily deep fried foods, black gram and fish.


The patient has been under this treatment regime from the past 6months.After taking the first dose itself she felt quite comfortable. During the first week she felt lightness of the chest, all congested phlegm came out while coughing. Then gradually cough subsided, frequency of asthmatic attacks also got reduced. After completion of 10 days she was completely alright and able to climb up the staircase without difficulty. After then she was prescribed to take Asmask capsule to improve the immune response of the body to avoid allergens. Now she is completely alright and able to walk freely without joint pain; 80 % of her complaint was cured at the end of 2nd month. Now she is more energetic and going out freely.

Disclaimer: The case studies presented in our website are for the reference only and we do not guarantee that all patients will experience the same results. Results may differ from person to person.