21 Home Remedies for Relieving Indigestion

Every time you complain of an indigestion problem, you must be used to hearing voices, pop in a few antacids, fix your eating routine, avoid spices, and such never-ending words. We hear you, “I know I did the wrong thing to get an indigestion problem, but stop giving me words of wisdom and suggest remedies that will work like magic.” So here is the answer to your shout out.

Drink gallons of water

Yes, drink as much water as you can, because it will calm down the irritation in your digestive tract and help neutralize the acidic reactions happening inside of your stomach. Keep sipping water until you really feel okay.


Follow it up with fennel

After every meal, pop in a few fennel seeds. These seeds help in easy digestion and keeps your acidity away. It also serves as a mouth refresher. Double points at one shot!

Call for cumin

Now, if you can’t get your hands on fennel, then chew a teaspoon of cumin seeds. It neutralizes the acidic reaction and provides you instant relief.

Wake up with ginger

Have a cup of steaming ginger tea, first thing in the morning. Crush an inch-long ginger and add it to your tea and your digestive system will eventually restore its ph.

Vinegar when you whine in pain

If you have a serious digestion issue, wake up to a glass of warm water stirred with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. It balances your acid reactions and equalizes them, saving you from the ‘indigestion’ moments.

Cool it off with buttermilk

Like how the Chinese follow every meal with a sip of herbal tea, you can follow the Indian method. Drink a glass of buttermilk (diluted well) after every meal. You can pep up this buttermilk with the masala flavor—add a pinch of coriander powder to it and it’ll taste yum. Buttermilk/curd contains natural probiotics to help in easy digestion and provides instant relief as well.

After meals, aniseeds

Like how the cumin and fennel work, so do aniseeds. Pop them up for instant relief from heart burning and stomach pain caused by indigestion.

Call it fruits for dessert

If you have that sweet tooth after dinner, follow it up with fruits for dessert. Especially, the citrus variety. The vitamin C in them makes the flora of your digestive tract healthy and the fibers from the fruits enable easy digestion.

Go peppery

If you’re having a tough time from indigestion and would like to have an instant relief, add a few drops of peppermint extract in a glass of warm water and gulp it down. You could also do so with crushed peppercorns.

Soothe it with chamomile

Drinking chamomile tea has proven effects to strengthen the digestive system. Drinking this tea at least once a day instead of the normal coffee/tea will prove to be helpful over a period of time.

The lemony zest

If you’re looking at controlling your digestive disorders at once, squeeze in a lemon fruit into a glass of warm water. Drinking this blend on an empty stomach every morning will help regularize your digestion.

Pep it up with garlic pearls

Crush a few garlic pods fresh and add it to your cooked dishes to make it smelling yummy and best for the tummy!

Make amla a habit

Amla or the Indian gooseberry is known for its fibers. Eating a fresh amla or adding powdered amla into a glass of warm water will make the most fibrous drink ever. Whenever you have a heart burn, gulp this magic drink and you’ll find instant relief!

Chase it off with carom seeds

Add carom seeds to all your dishes for the amazing Indian flavor and for digestion issues. People also prefer to boil a teaspoon of carom seeds in water, cooling the water, straining it, and drinking it for instant relief.

Healthy habits – say yes

Apart from the above mentioned easy and handy tips, do follow this routine:

  • Do chew your food properly
  • Drink as much water as you can in a day
  • Avoid fatty and spicy foods
  • Stress can worsen digestive issues, avoid stress
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Say no to caffeine
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make fruits a part of your diet

Neutralize it with herbal tea

Herbal tea is usually used as a neutralizer for digestive issues. You can add in a few holy basil leaves, mint leaves, and peppercorns to a cup of boiling water and let the ingredients steep well. Then strain the liquid and bring it down to room temperature. Drink this tea for instant relief from digestion problems.

Start with cinnamon

Like the tips mentioned earlier, you can prefer to start your day with apple cider vinegar in warm water or lemon in warm water. A better alternative is cinnamon powder in warm water. Cinnamon also relieves digestion problems in no minutes!

Follow it up with plain yogurt

When you want something to snack on, fill your snack bowl with plain yogurt. If made at home, it’s all the better! Yogurt has probiotics and is extremely efficient in treating indigestion problem. You can add a pinch of sugar to enhance its taste. Simply spoon it up for best effects.

Warm water works

When you have no home-based ingredients handy for instant relief from indigestion, find a cup of warm water. Drink water at a heat that you can tolerate the maximum and you’ll immediately belch in relief!

Add asafetida to all your recipes

Also known as hing, asafetida is the best and efficient medicine for indigestion, followed in the countries like India, Pakistan, and Iran. It is available in its solid and powdered form. If you get the solid form of it, pinch out a small ball of the solid, gulp it down with water like you’d do with a tablet. If you get the powdered form, mix a pinch of two of it in buttermilk or water and drink the extract.

Go nuts ‘n fruits

Add fruits and nuts to your diet regime. Both these have nutrients are rich in fibers and ensures that your stomach juices are produced in the right quantity.

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