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6 Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestion

According to Ayurveda, the ‘agni’ in our body is the root cause for proper digestion and proper functioning of the body organs. This includes even the regular and undisturbed hormonal flow in our system.

While your body digests well and sends out the waste effortlessly, the energy that remains in the body is termed “ojas”, which means the inner strength created in your body with which the organs function well. However, when this ‘agni’ in your body is weakened or doesn’t help your system to function normally, your whole health will go for a toss – especially, your digestion part. This agni is brought down in quality due to unhygienic foods, untimely eating, a whole lot of junk, negative emotions or an unhealthy daily routine without yoga or exercise.

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestion

When you leave your body suffer this way and your digestion is not happening properly, your body starts producing a poisonous residue named “ama” that turns out to be the root cause and gateway for many other unpredictable infections in your body. Your health deteriorates simultaneously when “ama” is produced. To strengthen your agni and have a good flow of ojas in the body and to improve your digestion by multiple folds, follow these 6 great tips.

Get practical, get a work out done

The best Ayurvedic remedy for your digestive problem is rolling your sleeves up and indulging in a daily exercise routine. Ayurveda recommends yoga which can both strengthen your agni and help strike a chord of balance in the ojas’ production. You will tune your body in line with the natural energy channels available around you through Yoga and it will help you get rid of digestion problems on a longer run.

Keep sipping

Ayurveda also doesn’t recommend overeating in a day. You must learn to control your portion and include a generous serving of fruits and veggies during each meal. Alongside, whenever you have the craving to eat or drink something, opt for the lemon and ginger combo tea. It is best not to add milk into this combination; instead, boil a teapot of water and while it is steaming, add a few grated ginger pieces. Once it cools down a little, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and your sip is ready. You could stir in a teaspoon of honey to the tea if you can’t drink it plain.

Get rid of the negativity

Negative emotions and factors that make you feel negative and down aren’t good both for you and for your body. Try and avoid such situations, or practice meditation. You could also indulge in pranayama, otherwise called the breathing therapy. It will help you channelize your positive emotions and will remove the negativity from you, virtually. Try and be in a place where you feel positive vibes and avoid friends and others who inculcate that negativity in you. This is the best gift you could give your health!

The buttery secret

The best known Ayurvedic and natural remedy for digestion problems is to start your day off with a teaspoon or two of clarified butter; commonly known as ghee in India. Ghee is the best lubricant and will also wade away your “pitha” or the commonly called “body heat”. It will lubricate your intestines and act as a natural laxative and help in easy and effortless bowel movement.

The place you eat in, matters

Eating or even sipping your tea mug in a chaotic environment has an impact on your digestive health. Yes, you read it right. Ayurveda strongly recommends eating in a serene and calm place with a relieving music on the background. The music could even be of the nature and the birds chirping outside your balcony. Even at workplace, choose a corner which can let you eat in an undisturbed way. The calmer the place, the better the digestion – the natural Ayurvedic medicine for better digestion!

Do not indulge in processed foods

No matter however busy you are, try and make at least a bowl of fresh vegetable or fruit salad which you can hog on. Processed foods are full of chemicals and are definitely not good for your digestive and heart health. Prefer eating freshly made food at home with less usage of oils and spices. Eating a balanced food made from home is the best treatment to get rid of digestive problems.

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