10 Amazing Benefits of Carrots

So, how many of you out there find carrots amazing to look at and boring to have it on your plate? Especially, when you visit hill stations, you see farmers who have stalled up on fresh root-appearing carrots all the way. Or do you have an elder or the friendly-mom who always talks you into having carrots? For all, you might question, why carrots when there are plenty of other good stuff out there!

It all looks orange and good, who wants to have them for lunch – isn’t that what you’ve been thinking?

So, if the sweetness of this veggie alone isn’t enough for you to choose it, here are 10 healthy reasons why you should go for carrots.


It heals

Yes, carrots heal you. It heals your wounds, cuts, inflammations and fights infections. No matter you have an internal or external wound, feast yourself with some carrot juice to experience the goodness! And, don’t add sugar to your carrot juice. Carrots are already sweet by taste and when a veggie or fruit is blended in a grinder, its natural sugar content already tops up the surface, so don’t harms yourself with adding more sugar to it!

Fights colon cancer

Carrots contain many beneficial phytochemicals. Out of the phytochemicals come the phytonutrients. Among these, the falcarinol phytonutrient is said to be the most beneficial for colon health. It promotes your digestive health, or colon health in particular and never lets colon cancer invade your life!


Even though root veggies are not prescribed for diabetic patients, carrots can be taken to an extent. It is full of carotenoids and helps streamline blood sugars. It makes your pancreas more functional, thereby influencing the hormone, insulin. When your insulin is properly functioning, diabetes is out of question!


If you’re more into salads and dieting, carrots are what you should call for! It has a highly soluble fibers, which reduces cholesterol to a great extent. This is done by binding the LDL or bad cholesterol in your body and sending it out and adding more into the account of your good cholesterol – HDL. When your cholesterol levels go down, automatically your body fights any heart disease or associated risks. That’s two birds at one shot, so call for the carrots!

The beauty glow

So beauty is all about your figure, hair, eyes, nails, and skin. Accept? While we have the question of figure covered in the above point, the other beauty features, such as your hair, eyes, nails, skin etc. get covered here! Eating more carrots gives you a sharp eyesight and so you never get to wear those nerdy glasses robbing away all your sharp looks! It is the best detox veggie and helps rebuild new cells in your body, resulting in amazing hair, glowing and healthy nails and skin, and not to forget, those sharp looks. Do you need any more reason to stuff yourself with carrots now? Go beauty, go.

Revitalize and rejuvenate

Rich in alkaline, carrots are experts are purifying your blood and revitalizing it, resulting in a shinier you! When you feed your body with healthy alkaline from the carrots, your stomach’s acid balance is just perfect, giving you a healthy lifestyle too.

Control your blood pressure with carrots

Carrots are Richie-rich in potassium. Potassium in turn helps maintain healthy sodium levels in your body and thereby reducing blood pressure levels, if they are elevated. So, if someone tells you they have a high blood pressure, recommend them, CARROTS.

Those shiny pearls

Yes, we are talking about the teeth. Right from childhood, if your mom has stressed on you eating carrots, she had a reason why. You will never get a tooth decay or germs in your mouth that will indeed affect your system. Even if you didn’t bother to have your carrots, have your children devour them!

Say hello to shiny skin

If you drool at those beauties having the best of best skins without any makeup on, it’s time you get it too! Wondering how? Carrots can do it all. Don’t splurge on those cosmetics. They are nothing but a boatload of chemicals tubed into attractive jars and containers! Instead, pick a bunch of carrots and have them for your breakfast or lunch and you’ll be stunned at yourself within a couple of months. Just a continuous couple of months, we promise.

Digestive tract-friendly

Have you heard elderly people tell you that your digestive system is the core to good health? It is true and authentic information that if your digestive system functions well, you will see that you are very healthy. So, to help your body with digestion, include carrots in your diet. You can choose to have carrot salad, soup, curry or whatever you like, to feed your body with necessary minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that will assist in digestion. Healthy digestion=healthy you!

Now, you have reasons enough on why you should consider eating these crunchy sweet veggies. If you find some place in your kitchen garden, plant these beauties and have your own organic share every month. Well, if you don’t have the place and interest in fostering these beauties, then you have another reason for driving down to the market and to grab a bunch of orange goodness.

Tips to cook carrots: To a hot pan, add a teaspoon of organic butter and sauté carrots and onions. Add required spices or eat it plain with a pinch of salt and pepper. It can make up for the best snack or mid-morning meal. Carrots and butter go really well in any dish. You can try making your kids eat this as well.

Here’s another secret (shhhh…) trick to have your kids eat carrots: So, if you see another smaller version of you going on a strike for carrots, secretly bland them, grind them and add it to your kid’s favorite food. The best part is-they will never figure you have added carrots to their diet. This way, you can make your kid have carrots and their favorite food, it is a win-win for both of you!

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