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20 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Male pattern baldness is a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues around the world; influencing 33% of the population. Everybody loses 100 hair stands every day. There's is no compelling reason to stress over a couple of follicles tumbling off. There could be numerous reasons for male pattern baldness which incorporate eating routine, mineral lack, prescriptions, anxiety, contamination and hereditary qualities. Putting on a top, cap or head protector could likewise be another reason in men. Here's our rundown of 20 Ayurvedic hair loss treatments for decreasing or managing hair loss in men.

Prevent Hair Loss in Men

1. The protein factor

Hair development is based on protein intake, which can be liberally found in fish, meats, soy and different others which will keep male pattern baldness away.

2. The essential oils – recommended Ayurvedic hair loss treatment

Individuals who are experiencing male pattern baldness can use essential oils for a scalp massage. These key oils like sesame oil or almond oil with lavender will ensure that the hair follicles stay dynamic for a longer time.

3. The way you brush does matter

Hair when wet is weaker and so, consequently it is proposed to avoid combing through wet hair. On the off chance that there is any genuine need to brush wet hair it is recommended to utilize wide tooth brush, while an excessive amount of brushing likewise is said to be bringing on colossal harm to the hair.

4. Onion, ginger and garlic miracle

Make a juice out of onion, ginger and garlic and rub it onto your scalp. Give a nice massage for 10-15 minutes and let it sit on your scalp at least for half an hour before you wash it off with a mild shampoo and conditioner. All the vegetables have the follicle stimulating capability and will help in new and healthy hair growth.

5. Water, water everywhere

Every hair shaft comprises of one quarter water thus it is proposed to drink almost four to some water each day to keep it hydrated that guarantee sound development of hair.

6. Green tea oxidizer

It has been found in study that male pattern baldness can be dealt with by massaging green tea decoction on your scalp. Sit tight for 60 minutes before washing this off and to get positive results it is important to do this routinely for around a week or more taking into account the need.

7. Workout

It is recommended to make it necessary that there is some or the other physical action on routine which can incorporate strolling or swimming for 60 minutes consistently that is said to keep up hormones at equivalent parity to hair fall in men.

8. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner and don’t load your hair with chemical rich shampoos that burn a hole in your pocket!

9. Increase your vitamin intake through foods and Ayurvedic hair loss treatment prescribed pills.

10. Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol causes a negative effect on your scalp and hair texture and you might want to steer clear of it for perfect hair texture.

11. Don’t smoke. Nicotine is a big no for healthy hair growth. So men, quit smoking if you want to fight male pattern baldness.

12. Stress is also a big no to you. Either meditate, practice yoga or play your favorite sport to encounter stress. It is one of the major victims leading to hair fall.

13. Heaters and dryers don’t deserve a place in your dressing cabinet. Men have short hair mostly, which can with ease be taken care of and maintained unlike women. So go for organic products and prefer naturally drying your hair than using dryers and heaters.

14. If you are prone to an oily scalp, see to that you do not sweat much in your head. Excessive sweat and oil will lead to hair loss.

15. Use organic serums and natural Ayurvedic hair loss treatment oils like Bhringraj oil.

16. Avoid chemicals and stop coloring your hair.

17. Visit an Ayurvedic expert in regular intervals and go in for a routine blood test to keep a tab on your iron levels.

18. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair. It can damage your hair roots and follicles.

19. User Ayurvedic hair packs for your hair and scalp.

20. Use egg for your hair at least once a week for best benefits.

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