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The Herbals Reveal Secrets

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Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Hair

So, you too are attracted towards those models who flaunt their shiny hair on the TV commercials, ain’t that true? You then convinced yourself saying reality matters and this is practically impossible? Did you realize you were wrong?

Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Hair

Yes, Ayurveda makes it possible to flaunt that shiny hair just like your favorite models do-yes, Ayurveda hair care is what you have to look out for! Hair restoration and maintenance found its roots through Ayurveda, which is now implemented into the costliest shampoos available out there in the market, claiming to change the structure and appearance of your hair overnight. And, you are simply burning your pockets over those shampoos, without realizing that healthy hair maintenance starts at home with the easily available Ayurvedic products on the bazar streets.

If you didn’t know this secret, read through to discover those strong Ayurvedic ingredients which can give you lustrous strands of hair to be proud of:

Bhringaraj, the long kept Ayurvedic secret: The king od herbs, Bhringaraj is the first and foremost ‘to-go-for’ ingredient when it comes to hair care in Ayurveda. They are available as dried out seeds and leaves in all the herbal streets that you find in your bazar. Make a paste of these seeds/leaves and apply it as a hair pack for over 20 minutes before you wash it off with luke warm water. This will promote hair growth and leave behind healthy hair. Follow this at least once in a week to see your hair grow effortlessly.


Muskroot, the potential Ayurvedic herb: Muskroot, referred to as Jatamansi/Indian Spikenard has the power to remove those clogs in your scalp. This will be available as capsules or dried up powder, which you can apply to your hair as a pack for 20 minutes before washing out. This herb is very well-known for the shining attribute it can gift to your hair.

Methi-Mom’s secret: Methi, also known as fenugreek is an excellent remedy for hair growth and to keep your scalp away from dandruff and related problems. All you have to do is soak methi seeds overnight in a cup of water. Grind it into a smooth paste with the same water you used to soak it and apply this fine mixture onto your scalp and hair before washing it out. This gives a ‘cooling’ feel to your scalp and chases away dandruff.

Amla-simply Ayurveda-The Indian gooseberry, the major component in all the shampoos is a first-class remedy to hair maintenance. It purifies your blood too. Mix up dried amla powder with lemon juice and warm water and apply it as a hair pack to then discover wonderful hair strands.

amla benefits

Hibiscus leaves-The Ayurvedic conditioner: If you find hibiscus plant (flowering or the non-flowering variety is good to go with), take a full advantage of it. If you find it with the flowers, pluck a handful of flowers and leaves and soak it in warm water for a couple of hours. If you get to see only the leaves, no harm, you can still pluck a handful of those miraculous leaves and soak it in warm water for a couple of hours. Grind this into a fine paste and use it as a hair pack. Once you wash it, you will discover shiny smooth hair to your astonishment. Hibiscus is Ayurveda’s natural conditioner!

Home-made Ayurvedic hair tonic: When you oil up your hair once in a week, use an Ayurvedic hair tonic which is very easy to make instantly. Mix up equal quantities of almond oil, coconut oil and gingelly oil. Keep it on a dry pan and heat it up on the simmered fire. While doing so, add a handful of neem leaves, tulsi leaves, and a teaspoon of pepper and switch of the stove. Once the oil is warm, add a piece of camphor to it. Once this oil cools down, you can simply filter out the ingredients and use the oil to apply to your hair. You could freshly prepare this oil instantly and use it to oil up or prepare it and store it in an air tight container for easy access. There is no other good you can do to your hair than Ayurveda hair care.

Follow these simple Ayurvedic processes and use these ingredients to flaunt your hair in style. Beautiful hair is just an Ayurvedic-step away!!.

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