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Why Skin Care?

Skin is the largest excretory organ of your body which cleanses out the internal impurities through sweat and acts as a protective shield from UV rays, allergens, infections and microorganisms etc. It also synthesizes Vitamin D with the help of sunlight, which maintains bone health. Your skin is a sensitive organ which is more prone it is to the infectious diseases. It is infected both by internal abnormalities and external factors such as polluted air and water.

Although antimicrobial agents and extensive anti-bacterial medications help combat the condition, but there is increase in autoimmune diseases such as Psoriasis, Leucoderma causing skin disorders. The autoimmune diseases pose a greater challenge to conventional medicine as they force usage of steroids for curing the condition.

Comprehensive Herbal Skin Care Program

VOPEC has taken our traditional herbal approach to cure autoimmune diseases by targeting the root cause of the disease and other lifestyle factors contributing to the disorder. Stress, anxiety, fear and depression caused by the skin condition aggravate the symptoms and it makes the patient mentally and physically ill. Herbal drugs does the immune modulation, blood purification and skin healing providing a complete relief from Leucoderma and Psoriasis. Our herbal skin care program is aimed at correcting the bodily factors, calming the mind and satisfying the soul.

Components of the Program

Our herbal skin care program comprises of five integral components to treat the external body, inner mind and soul holistically.

  • Consultation with Ayurveda Physician – A personalized consultation with our experienced Ayurveda doctor helps you to understand the severity of the condition, contributing factors and effective treatment methods to get rid of the ailment naturally. Apart from prescribing herbal medications, our doctors clearly study the causative factors such as food habits & lifestyle that contribute to the disease and on methods to control and prevent them.
    • Personalized Diet Plan -A personalized diet plan is devised for you by our expert doctors, based on the severity of the disease and your body metabolism. A detailed analysis of the ingredients that must be added into your food items is carried out to help you recover from the skin infections. Ingredients that must be strictly avoided are also advised.
  • Herbal Recommendations – Our doctors prescribe you natural and safest herbal compositions based upon the type and severity of the skin disease. Medicinal plants with immune modulatory, anti-allergic & anti-oxidant effects are recommended to cleanse the impurities in blood and promote quicker healing. Herbal plants are considered highly homogenous to our body system and are safe in curing the infection, while leaving the body function undisturbed.
  • Therapeutic Consultation with Yoga Expert – Our Yoga expert teaches and guides you with exclusively framed Yoga & Meditation techniques that are highly beneficial in cleansing physical and mental impurities. Upon regular practice, they activate the lymphatic drainage, correct immune responses, and refresh the whole body and mind. Unique meditation practices suggested by our Yoga expert improves blood circulation, promotes calmness and focus towards natural healing.
  • Consultation with Astrologer – Medical Astrology is a wonderful tool to analyse the planetary positions in your birth chart and the diseases/illnesses that you may encounter in this lifetime. Each part of our body is ruled by a specific planet and malefic position of this planet in our horoscope results in an illness. During this 30 minutes consultation session, your horoscope is thoroughly analyzed by our Astrologer and help you understand the cause of the skin disease along with the recommended remedies to pacify them.
  • Personalized Temple Remedy – A personalized 3-month temple remedy is performed on your behalf based on your birth chart and Dasa-Bhukti. This combination reveals the current positioning of planets in your birth chart to analyze its impact on you. Our Astrologer suggests tailor-made temple remedy which can help fight the illness better and keep it under control.
Holistic Treatment Program

Holistic Treatment Program

Aim of this Holistic Treatment Program is providing a complete relief with the help of Divine tools - Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga. These Divine tools have been created by the spiritual knowledge many

Herbal Diabetic Care Program

Herbal Diabetic Care Program

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