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Herbal Diabetes Program – A Holistic Approach

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which affects the blood sugar levels. Earlier, known as the “disease of the rich” is now widely spread around the world, irrespective of climate and nature of work. According to the statics, it is expected that more than 300 million adult in the World will be affected by Diabetes in 2025. VOPEC is committed in improving the quality of life of a diabetic person through holistic approach to keep diabetic under control. Our Herbal diabetic care program focuses on five components which can improve the quality of life of a diabetic person.

Comprehensive of the Diabetes Program

Herbal Diabetic Care Program is unique as it has comprehensive components which covers consultation to at-home practice to help combat the diabetic disorder effectively. Stress and anxiety are the two major causes of this disorder. This program specifically aims to improve your lifestyle contributing to this factor and to maintain good physical and psychological wellbeing.

Components of the Program

  • Consultation with Ayurveda Physician – You will be meeting our experienced Ayurveda doctor. This personalized consultation helps you understand the reason for being diabetic, including specific reason, if any. You will be well-informed of your dietary recommendations and will be guided by the expert on the daily activities to be followed to maintain the blood glucose level and keep diabetic under control.
    • Personalized Diet Plan - A personalized diet plan based on your body metabolism and health conditions is suggested by our doctors. Detailed analysis of the food items helpful for you to regulate the blood sugar level is carried out to devise the meal plan. The diet plan is strongly recommended to be followed daily.
  • Herbal Recommendations – You will be prescribed Ayurvedic herbal prescription based on your metabolic indicators such as blood glucose level, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (to check the level of obesity). These time-tested herbal recommendations can help bring down the blood glucose level to normalcy and regularize the blood sugar level, improve vital functions of heart, kidney, liver and eyes and also prevent diabetes associated complications.
  • Therapeutic Yoga Consultation with an Expert – Obesity, lack of physical exercise and lethargy are common symptoms of diabetes. To help you come out these condition and to keep diabetes under control, our Yoga expert will guide and teach you the Yoga postures and meditation techniques which can help you keep diabetes under control. Yoga has proved to be highly beneficial in toning up the pancreas for better insulin secretion and manage the blood glucose levels.
    • Additionally, you get a complimentary DVD with the simple do-it-at-your-home Yoga postures helps you practice them at home.
  • Consultation with Astrologer – Medical Astrology, a special area of interest in Vedic astrology can predict the diseases/medical condition you may have in this life time based on the planetary positions in your birth chart. All the nine planets in Vedic Astrology has a significant effect on our body. Malefic placement of a planet in the birth chart can affect the particular organ and result in a disorder.
    One-to-one 30 minutes personal consultation with our expert astrologers can help you understand the placement of these planets in your birth chart. During this session your birth chart is analyzed and appropriate recommendations are suggested by the Astrologer to help fight your health issues better.
    Simple remedies that can be performed at home such as chanting Mantra for the particular malefic planet, lighting lamp etc. are suggested by the Astrologers, which helps in managing the disorder.
  • Personalized Temple Remedy – After your consultation with our astrologer, personalized 3-month temple remedy is performed on your behalf based on your birth chart or horoscope. Dasa-Bhukti are also taken into account while suggesting the temple remedies which can reduce the impact of diabetes and help you keep it under control. Astrological remedies as per your birth chart can help fight Diabetes with strong will power.
Holistic Treatment Program

Holistic Treatment Program

Aim of this Holistic Treatment Program is providing a complete relief with the help of Divine tools - Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga. These Divine tools have been created by the spiritual knowledge many

Herbal Skin Care Program

Herbal Skin Care Program

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