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The Green Leafy Spinach Miracle for Hair Growth

So, all the time in your life you’ve been hearing that spinach strengthens you, isn’t it? Even the famous cartoon character and craze of kids, Popeye has always had spinach for an instant boost – thereby, showing that a simple green leafy vegetable can be the source for every need of your body. Hair is no exception. If you’ve been thinking that spinach can only help your body, then you were wrong. It is more than healthy to your hair and is the best hair vitalizer and the best ayurvedic hair growth agent.

If this piece of information took you by surprise, then there’s more surprise awaiting you down here. Read on these tips for hairgrowth and know how you can be using this evergreen and easily available veggie for hair growth. These simple tips will boost your hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. It will stop your hair fall, if any and keep your scalp well-fed with nutrition and balance.

Spinach Miracle for Hair Growth
  • Spinach, very well-known as palak in India can be processed with a very simple step to use it for hair growth. Pluck the leaves of this spinach and throw away the stem part of the veggie. In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil, a teaspoon of honey (this will naturally lighten your hair texture and give it a natural brown shine, which is attainable only with parlor products). Now add the leaves to it and toss this mixture well. Once you have mixed them all well, add them to a blender and grind it into a very fine paste.
  • The paste should not be too runny or thick and must be creamy and nice in consistency so that you can use it as a nice hair pack. Detangle your hair before you can apply this mask and let your scalp be clean while you apply this mask. Once you are done, apply this paste like a complete pack. Wash it off with plain water and a mild shampoo after you leave the pack do its miracle for an hour or so. This pack will bring shine to your hair and keep you away from hair fall problems.
  • Next comes the very well-known hair oil which conditions and moisturizes your hair. Preparing a herbal hair oil with spinach is just as easy as it sounds. Grind half a cup of raw spinach leaves into a fine paste in a blender. Stir in this mixture to half a cup of olive or coconut oil, whichever you are convenient with. Now, heat this mixture well and apply it to your hair scalp while it is still warm. Part your hair into sections and cover up your entire scalp with this oil – you can literally soak your hair with this oil and massage well, so that all the oil is absorbed inside your hair strands and scalp. Leave this oil to build up on your hair for the next one hour. Then wash it off with luke warm water and a mild shampoo. Towel dry your hair and feel the difference.
  • This oil will not only stimulate your hair growth, but will also keep your hair very smooth, shiny, conditioned and moisturized. You can now proudly flaunt your hair!!

  • Having spoken about the external uses of spinach for hair growth, here’s one very tasty spinach recipe you will love to have. In a blender, chop and add a few pieces of papaya and banana, and a handful of spinach leaves. You can add sugar to it, if you want to. Avoiding sugar is best. Blending these fruits into a smooth smoothie and consuming it every morning before your breakfast will load up your body with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This is the best diet for pretty and glamorous hair. Drinking this smoothie over a period of 3-4 months will start showing its effects for a lifetime. You can also prefer to add a cup of milk to this smoothie instead of water and it will add onto the calcium reserves in your body.

With all these extremely easy ayurvedic hair growth tips with spinach, now managing your hair and beauty will not be a problem at all. Go green, grow beautiful!!

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