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Treating Hyper pigmentation and Darkening of Skin in Women

Treating Hyper pigmentation

When the pigment melanin that is responsible for the color of your skin rushes to the surface limitlessly due to stimulating and harming skin products or treatments, it leaves behind a patch of pigmentation or dark area which will apparently show out as a blemish on your skin. These stimulating factors can be environmental pollutants, cheaper and quality-less cosmetics or creams and skin care gels which are filled with hydroquinone/silicone. Regularly maintaining the skin and preventing it from environmental and cosmetic hazards is the only way out to this problem. Hyperpigmentation or darkening of skin is more common with the women and takes a toll on their personality. Although this Hyperpigmentation problem can dawn on anyone, it is common with the women from Asia, Mediterranean, Africa and Latin.

Here’s a list of stimulants that cause Hyperpigmentation:

  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Cosmetics and creams that are unauthenticated
  • Excessive usage of antibiotics and hormone treatments
  • Viral infections on the skin that is caused through the virus-acne vulgaris

Cure for Hyperpigmentation:


If you are thinking that modern medicine has cure to such superficial skin problems, then you are thinking wrong. There is no permanent cure for the pigmentation and strong anti-pigmentation chemical formulae will only work on the surface of the hyper pigmented skin and lighten the effect temporarily. However, if you stop using the drug on your skin, it will revert to its worst condition. In short, modern medicine has no jar of magic towards this common problem that the women face.

At this juncture, you also have to know that all the dark spots on your skin is not considered as Hyperpigmentation. Sometimes, when the superficial surface of your skin is slightly affected, you might see these lightly dark spots on the skin, which when given enough moisturizing and taken care of with the normal sunscreen blocks can bring an end to your woo.

Now comes the important part on which the natural way to cure Hyperpigmentation?


The medicine for this ever ending problem is right there in your kitchen! Yes, here are the tips and tricks to lighten the Hyperpigmentation issues you are undergoing. Once you have tried these on your skin, you can go in for a permanent cure to this problem, which we will discover while reading this article further.

  • Naturally exfoliate your skin twice a day—before you start your way out of the house and after you have reached.
  • Once you have removed the dirt from the pores in your skin, those pores need to be closed again for your skin to remain intact, here is the role of your toner. Use natural extracts from your balcony’s tiny aloe vera plant or buy a whole bottle of aloe juice and keep it handy in your refrigerator. Use this natural toner to tighten your pores.
  • Massage your skin with Vitamin E oil. You can either buy a pack of vitamin E capsules and break 1-2 capsules to take out the oil from it and buy the bottled vitamin E oil and use it as a part of your skin’s regime
  • Avoid chemicals and creams and gels on your skin. If you have been loyal to one particular brand of lotion or cream on your face and it has done you only good, recheck for the fact that the cream or gel is free of hydroquinone and silicone. These chemicals might give your skin an instantly polished look, but it does harm to your skin in the long run of time, leaving behind a pigmented skin which you would notice one final day.
  • Make face packs out of tomato juice+honey, sandalwood+honey, milk+turmeric powder etc. and pamper your skin with these homemade face packs to prevent your skin from hyperpigmentation problems.
  • Last but not the least, drink gallons of water all day long. Do not bother about visiting the loo a lot more than usual. After all, your giving your skin the elixir of life. Eat green veggie and healthy foods to keep your skin healthy and shiny from inside.

After all these homemade tricks, you can always go in for Ayurvedic treatment which will facilitate penetrating deep inside your skin to correct these pigmentation issues. This is the best remedy to flaunt with a flawless skin!

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