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Difference between Ayurveda and Modern Western Medicines

Ayurveda and Modern Western Medicines

Did you know the difference between Ayurvedic medication and the western medication? Before reading through the difference, here’s a small brief explaining about each form of medicine.



Ayurveda; "Science of the Seers", rooted its existence into the world ages and ages ago—call it infinite number of ages. It was introduced by the sages and seers who lived their life in hill tops, valleys, dense forests and remote places where normal humans couldn’t even step in.

Apart from the time that they dedicated towards meditating on Go, they spent their spare time in bringing good to the human kind. They went in search of herbal plants, seeds and fruits which could remedy each of the sickness the common man was undergoing. Without any scientist or researcher to experiment using chemicals, these seers with their in depth knowledge identified such plants which could cure any disease permanently.

They did what they had to—extract the plant of its medicinal value and send it down to the place where human existed, so that miracle can dawn itself over them for any suffering they underwent. Truly, all these herbal remedies were considered Godsend!

The Ayurvedic form of medicine has the greatest advantage of penetrating into the route cause organ of the sickness and bringing cure permanently.

Western Medicine


The boon of the modern age, western medicine has spread its wings into technology and innovation towards every disease that is reported on the earth. Having been introduced by scientists and researchers in chemical labs, where they spent their entire life in, this form of medicines have been a call away for every person’s emergency medical conditions.

This form of medicine is extracted from chemicals that have good influence over the human’s body. Various components and chemicals are worked on to bring the best out of it and then the medicine is produced.

Western form of medicine with its intense effect from such chemicals is said to have spontaneous effect on the sufferer in no time, relieving him/her from the suffering.

Moving onto the difference between these 2 boons to the mankind, here’s what we have got for you:

S.No Ayurveda Western Medicine
1. Compiled from the naturally available plants and herbs Compiled from chemicals naturally available and artificial ones
2. Brings permanent cure for the suffering by penetrating deep into the cells or organ causing ill health. Brings spontaneous relief by acting over the superficial surface.
3. It is not tested on animals for its effect and action. Since it is all natural, it does not bring huge amounts of harm to the human kind. When it comes to the plant extracts, every opposite action has a plant to reverse the intensity. It is tested on animals to prove its efficiency. The effect of chemicals can lead to inefficiency and irreversible side effects both on the human and animals. Very few effects can be reversed to normal.
4. Its existence dates back to centuries ago. Modern western medicine grew up along with age and technology to treat the mankind.
5. Has cure to almost every disease invariably. Has cure to most of the diseases, while other life killing diseases are still under research to obtain the right medicine.
6. Has no side effect on the sufferer after the course of medicine is over. He/she can lead a natural life once the medication is over. Has its own side effect after the course of medication is over. Starting from a simple fever to a complicated cancer, the medicines taken for the illness continue to give further side effects, which have to be treated with other medicines.

Having stated the difference between both the forms of medicines, the conclusion is that both the medicines have its own effect and intensity on each person. It is best to go in for medicines that suit you and your lifestyle. Choosing the less side-effect giving form of medication will do good to you and the future generations to come as well. The choice is yours!

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