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9 Essential Face Packs for Skin Whitening

Flawless white skin which can make you stand out of the crowd is what every Indian women dreams of! Who doesn’t like a fair and glowing skin tone which will receive many appreciations and credits?! To attain the desired skin tone, Ayurveda suggests many homemade face packs which can make your dream come true. Using these 9 face packs will bestow you with a unique, flawless, toned and beautiful skin texture which will become adorable.

Skin Whitening

Try them out at home and let us know your feedback.

1. Milky White, is that you?

The color white is always compared to milk and milk whiteness with complementing apparel is an ‘actress’ to all of us. But it can turn true if you use ‘milk’ to attain that ‘milky white’ skin tone. Go in for fresh milk or some trustable brand of milk powder. Mixing this with a few drops of lemon and a pinch of besan powder will give you a thick face mask. Apply this onto your skin, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face off with plain water and a mild cleanser. This will do the needful to keep your complexion improved and flawless.

2.Drive away that Darkness

If you have dark circles under your eyes and pigmentation complaints on your skin which makes your skin less toned, then this might be a hassle in achieving fair and beautiful skin. These marks will stand out and might spoil all your efforts towards getting a fair complexion. To rescue you from such hazards, there is the humpty-dumpty potato! Peel the skin of a small-sized potato, grate or grind the pulp, add a few drops of raw milk to this pulp and apply it on the dark circles and pigmented areas. Darkness problems will be driven away – potatoes are the best bleaching vegetable.

3. The Brown Nut

Yes, we are talking about almonds here. Soak a few almonds in raw milk in the night. Let the richness soak in milk. The next day morning, grind this mixture into a fine paste, add a few drops of honey to the mixture and pamper your face with this skin pack. While you wash your skin, you will find a supple and toned face behind it.

4. Let’s go ‘Fruity’!

Papayas and bananas are what we are referring to with the term ‘fruity’ here. Both these fruits can work magic on your skin. Bananas bleach your skin, while papayas can give even fairness and complexion to you. Grind the pulp of a handful of papaya and banana, use milk instead of water to bring it to the desired consistency and apply it on your face and neck. Let this fruity pack remain on your skin for 15 minutes and then you can wash it off with a mild cleanser. Fair skin will soon be yours if you choose this fruity pack for fairness.

5. Honey, you are so beautiful!

Honey, the golden nectar is a magical treasure sent from above. Use honey in all your face packs for an even skin tone. You can also make a unique face pack out of honey – honey and milk together will be the best pack for any skin tone. It will give you fairness and glow from inside.

6. The Secret Lies inside the Shell

We are talking about eggs here. Egg white is a strong firming agent which can keep your skin strong, firm, healthy, supple and flawless. Firmly beat the white of an egg, mix a few drops of honey to the mixture as egg white can at times dry out your skin. This pack should be on for 15 minutes before you wash it out.

7. Plain Raw Milk is all you Need

Raw milk is known to lessen the tan in your skin. During summers, after a steaming day out, get back home and rub some raw milk onto your facial skin. Your tan will be driven away, leaving behind a soothing and supple skin. Remember, raw milk can also work wonders on sun burns.

8. Soak in Curds

Curd along with a pinch of turmeric powder is a beautiful bleaching agent for your skin. Leave this mixture on for 15 minutes and then rinse your skin off with a mild cleanser. If you keep using this face pack weekly twice, all your tanning problems will be at bay and fairness will soon be yours.

9. The Orange Secret

Carrots are the orange we are referring to. Peel the skin of a carrot, boil the pulp and mash it well. Stir in a few drops of honey and glycerin. Break a capsule of vitamin E into this mixture. You could also choose to add pure almond oil if you are not able to get your hands on Vitamin E capsules. Apply this mixture to your skin and let it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it out with a mild cleanser. Using this face pack thrice a week will make fairness achievable, more than easy!!

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