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5 Natural Remedies for Your Digestive Problems

Reasons many, people at least once in their lifetime or sometimes throughout their lifetimes, suffer from digestive disorders. Varying from mild to complex, this health issue is trending everywhere across the globe.

The main reasons attribute to junk food exposure, cheap and unhygienic food available in almost every street and inorganic food and vegetables that we consume. People who strictly stick to homemade food are the less suffered ones while compared to those who have at least one meal of the day at a commercial dining area.

The magnitude of digestive problems being on the rise, here are 5 useful Ayurvedic and easy to follow tips right from the convenience of your kitchen which will relieve you of digestive disorders immediately and effectively:

Digestive Problems


This is one of the digestive problems that one half of the youngsters go through. Unhygienic food and fertilizers used in growing vegetables become the main culprits of this complaint. Scooping down a teaspoon of peanut butter from your fridge is the best remedy to this problem.

Improper bowel movements

The ancient practice of going to the loo as the first thing in the morning is amiss in most of the people now. The reason being eating food at odd hours and eating heavy food for dinner! Unhealthy eating practices lead to irregularity of stools.

Food sources of magnesium or magnesium supplements before going to bed will regularize your bowel movements and within a short span of time, you will be able to tame your tummy for the morning routine. Spinach and almost all the green veggies and fruits contain magnesium in them.

Gas formation

Some people constantly suffer from gas that even chokes their breathing and makes them uncomfortable. You must be eating starchy foods that contain a lot of gas in them, namely all the root vegetables such as potato or an egg which isn’t fresh. These foods, along with energy also infuse gas inside the body which causes stomach pain and chest pain too.

Munch cumin seeds or snack on a few caraway seeds whenever you can and you can get rid of gas completely. Also, you can add ginger or the dried form of ginger to boiling water, let it cool down, filter and use this as your drinking water.


Alike diarrhoea, this is also a major problem, both for the young and the old. Drinking inadequate amounts of water, lack of fruits and vegetables and natural fibers in your diet is the main reason to this problem.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of luke warm water every now and then and include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Vegetables like beans, plantain and fruits like banana will help relieve you of constipation issues.

The best Ayurvedic tip to overcome constipation is to drink a teaspoon or two of cow’s ghee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The next best tip is to soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and eat the whole mixture the next morning on an empty stomach.


Acidity in simpler terms is referred as heart burns, the inability to digest etc. This is mainly because the digestive juices are secreting too much or too little. If you try natural ways to fix the secretion of digestive juices, your problem will come to an end.

Whenever you have a heart burn or an acidity complaint, sip on a steaming cup of fennel tea. If you don’t like the flavour of fennel, you can try your hands on chamomile tea or anise tea. Both these will prove to be as efficient as fennel tea. If all these words seem new to you, then ginger is the most common vegetable you must have heard of.

Sip on ginger tea at least thrice a day and you will find a marked difference in your acidity levels.

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