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How to Treat Psoriasis at Home?

Psoriasis, a complex, reoccurring autoimmune disorder characterized by red, flaky patches on the skin is kind of embarrassing and has an emotional impact on people. Even though the English medicines don’t have a defined cure for this disease, Ayurveda does.

How to Treat Psoriasis at Home

1. Vitamin E capsules

Stock your medicine cabinet with Vitamin E capsules always. Whenever you have a red patch, rash or irritation, break open the capsule and rub the concentrated form of vitamin E on the affected area. You will get instant relief from dryness and your skin will thank you and feel much better!

2. Moisturize

The best Ayurvedic moisturizer is coconut oil. Be it in the summers or winters, this oil is the handiest Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis. Dab the affected area with liberal amounts of coconut oil and you will find instant relief.

3. Say no to chemicals

Do not go for perfumes or fragrant oils. The chemicals in these will irritate your skin and worsen the condition. The natural treatment for psoriasis is moisturizing the affected region immediately. However good the quality of fragrance might be or however expensive it might be, remember, it is not going to help your skin get better in any way!

4. Your food has it all

Remember that the natural treatment for psoriasis is your food—soy, nuts, chocolate, and cranberries as a few "functional foods" for treatment. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable salads and munch on nuts for snacks. Keep your body super hydrated by drinking gallons of water every day.

5. In the bathtub

When you have to take bath, use one of these ingredients to hydrate your bathing water - Epsom salt, mineral oil, milk, or olive oil. Add a teaspoon of any of one the listed ingredients, so that the water; whether hard or soft or salty will not have its side effect on your rashes.

6. Let the Sun shine

With psoriasis it is common not to expose your skin to peak daylight and sunshine. But, you can cover your affected regions with a scarf or cotton jacket and get the unaffected parts of your skin to bathe in some Vitamin D. It is of course essential for streamlining the hormones in your skin. You can start off with 10 minutes for 3 times a week and eventually increase it, if you feel like.

7. Bad habits, the killers

If you are addicted to smoking or drinking, you have to give them up for sure. Your skin and appearance are more important than the pleasure of getting addicted to a habit that’s only going to dawn bad health on you. Nicotine and alcohol are completely revenges to psoriasis. So, as one of the psoriasis home remedies, keep in mind that you ought to give up drinking and smoking. Your skin will thank you for doing that!

8. Fish oil

Just like how Vitamin E oil is a friend to your skin, fish oil too is! It can be generously applied to your affected skin areas in the morning as a routine and you will feel that this remedy works wonders on your skin. It will help in regenerating new healthy skin cells and will keep your skin super moisturized and hassle free.

9. Oil massages

Pamper yourself with oil massages. You can rely on oil so much-you could bathe and soak in oil for hours together to help relieve irritation and patchiness on your skin. Oil massages will do a lot good to you!

10. Yoga the key

Yoga is another factor that you can thoroughly depend on to get rid of any health condition. Stress being one of the major stimulants or triggers for your patchiness to aggravate, yoga is the best way to reduce your stress. You will be able to tame your mind and keep your nervousness and stress within your control, so that they do not affect your skin’s health. Also, yoga is going to help you stay fit and in shape – a boosting factor about your external personality while you are feeling low in morale about your skin.

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