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Top 5 Foods to Keep Psoriasis Away

Skin, the organ of your body which creates an impression wherever you go, is the most important to maintain. A long sheet of skin has been wrapped around your body for your protection and it is your responsibility to protect it, going on.

When your skin is undergoing an abnormal change against the nature, it means you are not giving it the proper care and maintenance. This is when the topic of Ayurveda pops in. Nature has to be treated by nature and that is Ayurveda all about. Abnormal changes include anything from boils and pimples to psoriasis and even intense conditions. Let us look at the most intense skin problem in this article – psoriasis.

Foods to Keep Psoriasis Away

Psoriasis, a skin rash intensity issue has distinct symptoms and forms and varies from individual to individual. There are many types of its intensity and it is said that only one type attacks a person at a time. When it clears out, another type gets triggered. This means, the cause or root of the problem must be aborted, so that it doesn’t branch out into various problems and forms. And that is what Ayurveda exactly aims to do.

When it comes to Ayurveda, as already mentioned, herbs and natural medicines are the only way of cure. These herbs have been packaged as pills, oils or tonics for external application and consumption, depending on the disease type. Also, it stresses on your lifestyle and eating habits. Your food is first medicine, no matter which form of medicine you adapt to. So, talking about the foods that will help cure psoriasis conditions, let’s read on…

  • The Non-Veg Saga: If you are a passionate non-veg eater, then take the liberty to sink into poultry and lean beef. This is because; people with psoriasis are susceptible to heart attacks and associated problems. Eating these dishes will not only keep you away from heart related diseases, but will also drive away skin problems and give your health the internal boost that is necessary.
  • The Fish Fiesta: If you love fish, then take the pleasure of relishing the most delicious fishes in water; namely, rout tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and anchovies. Especially, if your fish is from cold water, then you have hit the blockbuster. Fish gives you a lot of protein and moisture and keeps your skin shiny and healthy. Psoriasis will run away leaving you.
  • The Green Mantra: Well, if you are a hardcore vegan, then there’s miracle awaiting you as well. Green leafy vegetables, which equal non-veg protein, are too good for your skin with loads of antioxidants injected to your body through these veggies. Munch on a full bowl of green salad and there’s no heavenly medicine than that on the earth!
  • The Fruity Fete: Fruits are not only sweet-tooth quenchers, but also too good for your skin and health. They remove the toxins off your body, thus leaving behind a shiny, healthy and supple skin. When you include fruits as an important part of your diet regime, you don’t even have to remember the term ‘psoriasis’ in your lifetime!
  • The Spicy Savors: We are talking about the taste-givers: onion and garlic. Did you know even a snake bite was treated by rubbing raw garlic on the wound, in the olden days? It is still followed in some underdeveloped countries. Its sweltering character can stop even the poison getting into your body. Include a lot of garlic and onion into your recipes. Do not go in for the processed ground form of these spices, they don’t do any good. Chop them fresh and sauté those before you stir in veggies or meat. They are not only those spice adding yummy agents, but also have the capacity to keep you loaded with antioxidants to fight against any form of disease!
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