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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Who wants those red, flaky psoriasis all over the body! Encounter such embarrassing skin problems with natural ingredients right from the comfort of your home. Following these remedies religiously will definitely bring you to the avenue of permanent healing and cure. These Ayurvedic home remedies for psoriasis are simple to prepare and follow.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Psoriasis

1. Coconut oil

Psoriasis is characterized by flaky patches that are extremely dry. Thus it becomes essential for you to moisturize the patches. A very strong moisturizer that can penetrate deep into the dry patches and also fight against itching is coconut oil. Slather liberal amounts of coconut oil on the dry patches and let them sit for at least 30 minutes before you drench yourself under a warm shower. This is a very effective Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis.

2. Say no to aroma that’s chemically loaded

The red patches that are itchy and flaky are sure shot symptoms of psoriasis and are extremely susceptible to infections when they are exposed to chemicals. If you a fragrance person, you must consider switching over to herbal alternatives and keep your patches completely away from the overpowering chemicals in the perfumes.

3. Vitamin E is your friend

Keep Vitamin E capsules or a bottle of pure vitamin E oil handy. Vitamin E oil has many anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and the infection fighting capacity. When you generously apply vitamin E oil to your itchy patches, it will immediately hydrate your skin, leaving behind a worrisome face! Vitamin E is the most recommended Ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis.

4. Vitamin D, an extremely reliable nutrient

Vitamin D is a natural source of Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis. Sunlight which is rich in Vitamin D penetrates into your cells and boosts up their immunity, thereby keeping disease like psoriasis at bay. This doesn’t mean that you should expose your patches to an angry shining sun and get your condition even more worsened – give yourself that luxury of strolling underneath the sunlight at least for 10 minutes a day!

5. Don’t become a foe to the fishes

Fish oil is extremely rich in vitamin E, anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and hydrates your skin really well. No matter you have fish oil capsules or feast on fish gravies, the goodness of fish oil reaches your skin. Cooking fish and hogging on it is one of the best Ayurvedic home remedies for psoriasis.

6. Watch what you eat and give your body an exhaustive workout

Having given you tips on the Ayurvedic home remedies for psoriasis, it’s time to look at what you eat and how you burn those unwanted calories. Do include a lot of veggies, fruits, eggs, meat and fish in your food regimen and strictly follow an effective workout like yoga. Taking half an hour daily to even walk in a nearby park, gets more of oxygen into your skin and cells, thus keeping infections at bay.

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