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Best 10 Ayurvedic Home Tips and Treatment for Hair Growth

The more the stress, the more the environmental pollutants and the more the hazard to hair and scalp; people have resorted to Ayurvedic home remedies for hair growth and maintenance. That being said, most of the younger generation now suffers from hair loss, baldness, and scalp issues and so on. Ayurveda, the natural method of treatment believes that treating any health issue with the help of herbs brings both effective results and no side effects. If you are also suffering from hair loss and want back that luscious hair you used to boast about, take these Ayurvedic treatments for hair growth seriously and follow it like your religion.

Hair growth

Resort to Indian gooseberry

Amla, otherwise referred to as Indian gooseberry contains enough Vitamin C which is essential for your scalp help. It strengthens your hair roots and follicles and stimulates hair growth very effectively. Sun dry a few amlas and grind them into a fine powder – if you don’t have access to amla, you will definitely be able to find amla powder in the supermarkets. Mix this powder with some warm water and apply it to your hair and scalp for hair growth. You could also stir up an egg white with amla powder if you wish to see exaggerated results.

Head massage, your stress-buster and life saver

Twice in a month or every week for that matter, religiously sit down for a “champi” (the hair massage). Mix up almond oil, coconut oil and castor oil, warm them in a bowl and apply it to your hair and scalp. Part your hair into sections, ensuring that you apply the oil thoroughly and then, using your fingertips, massage your scalp with circular motions. This will not only relax your mind, but will also help your hair grow abundantly. When your scalp is relaxed and massaged, it does its job really well. Just like how you’d want a vacation after a very busy week, your scalp needs a massage too. Have an Ayurvedic expert do the massage for you or test your sibling’s massaging skills and show them yours in turn!!

Watch what you eat

It is essential that you feed your body with enough fibers for better mineral and vitamin absorption. Only when your food’s nutritive properties are well absorbed by your body, all your organs function well and this is very much inclusive of your hair too. When nutrients reach your scalp your hair growth will improve. One of the Ayurvedic home remedies for hair growth is to eat a bowl of finely chopped radish mixed along with pepper powder/green chilies. You could flavor the salad with a topping of lemon juice or add some honey to it. This feeds your scalp and hair with super food for effective hair growth.

Methi, your friend

Fenugreek or methi is one of the best known Ayurvedic treatments for hair growth. Soak a handful of methi seeds overnight in warm water. The next day morning, you’ll see that the seeds are swollen. Grind these seeds using the same soaked water and it’ll form a gel consistency paste. Apply this paste throughout your hair and scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Then rinse your hair and scalp with cold water. Fragments of the paste are bound to stick onto your scalp and hair, so you might want to thoroughly rinse your hair. Avoid shampoo or conditioner while you are taking this treatment.

Get rid of Pitta dosha

Ayurveda believes that people who have pitta dosha face a lot of hair related issues. Take 6mg Ashwagandha capsule every day and you’ll see that your hair problems come to an end. Also, you’ll see new hair growth.

Plant an aloe

Ensure that you have an aloe plant at least in your kitchen garden. Scoop out the gel of an aloe and either mash it to a paste and drink it, or eat it directly, right in the morning after you brush your teeth. Aloe increases your body’s metabolism and also accredits you with beautiful and strong hair and a glowing skin.

Muskroot is a must

Jatanmasi, called muskroot or Indian spikenard is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for hair growth too. You can apply this herb as a paste directly to your scalp and hair or trust in the muskroot capsule from your Ayurvedic expert. Ensure that you don’t have more than 6mg of this herb. It will make your skin glow and your hair stronger.

The king of herbs, the winner

How can we even forget the king of the herbs – Bhringraj! Either buy a readymade bottle of bhringraj oil from a trusted Ayurvedic brand or take the effort of making bhringaraj oil all by yourself. It will prevent premature greying, give you thick and lustrous hair and the results are guaranteed!

Apart from the above mentioned Ayurvedic tips for hair growth, ensure that you also follow these general healthy habits to make everyday a good hair day:

  • Don’t comb wet hair
  • Don’t tie your hair too tightly
  • Drink loads of water and eat healthy food and nuts
  • Get your essential 6-8 hours of sleep for stress-free living
  • Practice some form of workout – yoga is much recommended
  • Cover your hair with a scarf or hat when you are stepping out in the sun
  • Use a good moisturizing natural hair pack at least once in two weeks
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