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6 Amazing Benefits of Honey for Hair Growth

The saying, “as smooth as honey” isn’t a lie at all. It is the perfect softener for your hair. It detangles your hair, adds shine to it and brings in unimaginable softness to the shaft. The myth that it greys your hair is a complete lie. Honey is as good to your hair as it to your skin.

Honey for Hair Growth

A natural antioxidant by nature, it can stimulate hair growth and maintain your scalp’s health. It improves the health of each strand of your hair and will stimulate new hair growth like a miracle! It has a lot of nourishing qualities and will lock in moisture both in your hair and scalp. It will tame all your fly away hair and make it look conditioned and groomed to perfection.

With its antiseptic qualities, it will prevent hair loss and fight against scalp infections. Split ends will never be a bad dream also, while you use honey in your hair care regimen. Its high sugar content helps in strengthening your hair follicles and will prevent them from falling out.

No matter how much ever pollution or bad weather you are exposed to, honey is the protectant and shield for your hair and will never let your hair’s texture down. It is as effective as a sunscreen lotion to your skin is. What more can you ask for!

So, here are the best qualities of honey at a glance:

  • Natural antioxidant for your hair and scalp
  • Best antiseptic to keep scalp infections at bay
  • High sugar content will lock in moisture and tame frizzy hair body
  • The best antibiotic for your hair and scalp
  • Protectant and shield for your exposed hair

Here are a few honey mask recipes you can pamper your hair with and make it grow faster, like magic:

Honey and aloe: Scoop out the gel from an aloe leaf and stir in a tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this pack to clean hair and be amazed at the instant result. Shine, smoothness, healthy hair and new growth, guaranteed!

Organic mask: To 9 tablespoons of honey (measurement based on your hair’s length, suggested quantity is for short-medium hair), add a tablespoon of warm water. Use this mixture to stimulate hair growth.

The olive mania: To extra virgin olive oil (or any cold pressed oil of your choice), mix in a tablespoon or two of honey and use this pack to bring instant shine and hair growth.

Let’s go buttery: Scoop out an avocado pulp and stir in some honey. Mash this mixture really well or grind it into a smooth paste. Pamper your tresses and scalp with this buttery mask and you’ll find your shaft is super shiny and healthy, just by the look of it!

The natural conditioner: Stir in honey to fenugreek paste or hibiscus leaves’ paste and it will serve as the best conditioner for your hair. Leave this pack on your hair for at least 30 minutes before you wash it out with plain cold water.

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