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Anandha Tailam

Anandha Tailam is a natural herbal product formulated with potent aphrodisiac herbs, which is free from chemicals. The herbal mixture used in Anandha Tailam helps in improving the blood circulation to sexual organs, strengthens and regenerates blood vessels along with the muscles present in the penis. It also helps to disperse all potent components into the penis tissue and keep the penis erect.

US $ 13.00
Kesovit - Hair Oil

Kesovit hair oil is an herbal hair vitalizer made with potent ayurvedic herbs, which helps to promote hair growth. Applying Kesovit hair oil over the scalp and hair, keeps the hair free from split ends and tangles. It prevents hair fall and is effective in killing hair lice. As time passes, your hair will become shinier and stronger.

US $ 10.00
Nart Oil

Nart Oil is prepared out of an excellent herbal combination which helps in relieving pain, toughness and inflammation of joints. It contains herbs possessing anti- inflammatory, immune modulatory and pain reducing properties. Nart oil increases the flexibility of joints and strengthens the bones and muscles surrounding the affected joints.

US $ 12.00