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Asmask Capsule

Asmask Capsule is a unique herbal blend that controls Asthma, prevents allergic bronchitis, clears air passage and related respiratory disorders. It also helps in improving your immunity level and promoting general health.

US $ 26.00
Cholastril capsule

Cholastril capsules are formulated with herbal blends effective in destroying the unwanted fat cells in the body. It controls weight gain and maintains blood pressure. It stimulates blood detoxification, destroys bad cholesterol from the blood and maintains proper circulation.

US $ 27.00
Dyzee Capsule

Digestion problems can start from an early age if one is not conscious about their health. Dyzee capsule helps to increase the digestive capacity, by increasing the gastric juice especially pepsin. It stimulates the GIT to digest and its antispasmodic property alleviates abdominal pain caused due to gas formation.

US $ 22.00

Insorex capsules helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart ailments. It contains amino acids, which initiates insulin release from pancreas. It controls blood glucose level and supports circulatory, urinary and digestive systems of the body.

US $ 26.00
K-pile capsuleā€™s

K-pile is the most effective natural anti-hemorrhoid capsule. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action of this capsule reduces inflammation, checks infection and promotes healing. The laxative property of K-Pile capsules corrects chronic constipation.

US $ 29.00
Lobes Capsule

Lobes capsules are helpful to reduce excess weight without any side effects. Herbs in this formulation increases lipid metabolism, induces natural Cellular death of fat cells, inhibits formation of new fat cells and reduces excess weight.

US $ 24.00
Memrich Capsule

Memrich Capsule is a brain energizer formulated with greatest herbs to enhance all the 3 aspects of mind power learning (Dhi), memory (Driti), and recall (Smriti). One of the main ingredients is Brahmi, a Nootropic agent that improves mental functions such as memory, intelligence, reasoning, inspiration and concentration.

US $ 28.00
Nart Capsule

Joint Pain is probably the most common concern regarding health. It can greatly affect an individual's life; hence, it is important to seek the most excellent joint pain relief supplement. Nart Capsule contains pain reducing properties and helps in strengthening bones and muscles around the affected part.

US $ 23.00
Pharmaliv Capsule

Liver is not only an important organ, but sensitive too. Therefore, any side-effects can lead to severe problems. Pharmaliv capsule contains medicinal herbs which are effective in curing hepatic diseases. It clears the obstruction in the gall bladder and thus helps in free flow of bile juice into the intestines. It also improves digestive system.

US $ 22.00
Spirupac capsule

Spirupac Capsule is a nutritional supplement in combination with organic spirulina and N-acetylcysteine. Spirupac Capsule is a wonderful support for Osteoporosis and growing children. It helps to improve immunity level and delays ageing process.

US $ 24.00
Vigropac Capsules

Vigropac capsule is an excellent herbal medicine that helps to control erectile disorder, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, and provides vital energy when you need to perform tiresome activities. It also increases the semen volume and sperm count.

US $ 40.00