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Asmask Capsule

Asmask capsules are helpful in providing relief from Lung Congestion. This formulation helps to expand the constricted air passages and supports easy breathing. The formula also supports the immune system to fight against allergens, dust and atmospheric pollution.

US $ 26.00
Cholastril capsule

Cholastril: 60 pack

US $ 27.00
Dyzee Capsule

Dyzee Capsule is a Digestive and appetizer helpful in loss of appetite, indigestion and flatulence

US $ 22.00

Insorex capsules are the natural herbal formula useful in controlling blood and urine sugar. The capsules contain a formula made from hypo-glycemic herbs that are safe and gentle on the body. This formulation acts to correct metabolic imbalances, reduce blood sugar and adjust the body's resistance to insulin. The capsules have also shown to prevent diabetic complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, blurred vision, persistent infections,

US $ 26.00
IQ Plus Capsule

IQ Plus Capsule is a brain energizer formulated with greatest herbs, to enhance all three aspects of mind power learning (Dhi), memory (Driti), and recall (Smriti). One of the main ingredient Brahmi is considered a nootropic agent, which is the term given to a drug that improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration.

K-pile capsule’s

K-pile capsules are the natural herbal solution for Piles. Made from natural ingredients, the capsules contain a formula with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to reduce inflammation, prevent infection and promote shrinkage and healing of pile mass. The formula also provides a gentle laxative action to correct chronic constipation associated with haemorrhoids as well as antipruritic properties to reduce anal itching and discomfort.

US $ 29.00
Memrich Capsule

Memrich Capsule is a brain energizer formulated with greatest herbs, to enhance all three aspects of mind power learning (Dhi), memory (Driti), and recall (Smriti). Memrich is a memory builder, enhances motor learning process. Memrich is helpful in making new concepts, clearer and easily understandable. It promotes protein synthesis in the nerves and brain cells thus increasing the brain’s mental capacity. This enables a person to think clear.

US $ 28.00
Nart Capsule

Nart Capsule 60

US $ 23.00
Nisore Capsule

Nisore Capsules is a beneficial herbal support for Psoriasis, Eczema and other chronic skin ailments. The capsules contain a formula that speeds up the healing process by acting as a blood purifier. Active ingredients in the formula eliminate toxins from the body by binding with endotoxins circulating in the blood.

US $ 23.00
Pharmaliv Capsule

Pharmaliv Capsules are made from a highly potent blend of liver protective herbs. This formulation stimulates detoxifying functions of the liver and removes toxins from the body. It enhances free flow of bile in to the intestines by clearing obstructions in the gall bladder and also promotes liver functions that aid in proper digestion.

US $ 22.00
Spirupac capsule

The Spirupac formula is a complete nutritional supplement that contains protein, amino acids and the essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which has anti-inflammatory properties. Spirupac also contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. It is also a great source of micro nutrients such as vitamins B-1, B-2 , B-3, B-6 , B-9 , vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E.

US $ 24.00
Vigropac Capsules

Vigropac Capsules are natural herbal formula for Vim, Vigour, Vitality and Rejuvenation. It is highly potent in promoting vigour and strength. It enhances blood circulation to the sexual organs. Controls pre-mature ejaculation and improves stamina. It enhances male fertility by increasing volume and sperm count.

US $ 40.00