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Weight Loss Tips for Men

Taking charge of the health, body and mind is essential to every human being, but is exceptionally special to the men. Men, who work harder than woman and are the physical force of the universe, need more calorie intake and more quantity of food than the women gender. All this being said on one side, there are people who suffer from excessive weight gain.

The reason could be their eating patterns, less knowledge on healthy foods, intake of more calorific food than healthy food to meet their daily calorie needs etc. When women gain weight, becoming pregnant, hormonal flow etc. become a problem. But when men gain weight, they are not only

physically less active, but also lose out on their fertility slowly and steadily.

There are certain natural ways with which men can lose weight than going in for artificial treatments and injections to lose weight, which will only worsen the condition. Such natural Ayurvedic ways for weight loss for men is summarized down here for your reference:
Weight Loss Tips for Men

Take your friends seriously

It is only in the men’s gang that people frankly tell you whether you have really ‘gained weight’ or lost it. Take their comments seriously because there’s no envy in the guys’ gang – might be a bitter truth! It is just an indicator that you need to check on your weight.

Start off your day by squeezing in some lemon juice in warm water; stir it up with some honey and gulp it down. You will not only feel refreshed the whole day, but will also lose weight sooner.

Dieting is not your bowl of diet

Men, who need more calorie needs can definitely not follow strict diet patterns and set diet charts. You can instead focus on eating right foods and avoid those junk which will add onto your weight. To do this, include a lot of salads, fruits and vegetables and leave aside the fried food. If you eat meat, then go in for the grilled and barbecued versions of it than the fried ones.

Seek for help and you shall get it

If you have a partner or best friend who can help you plan and pack your healthy lunch and breakfast, then do ask. Homemade healthy lunch is way better than those junk and ‘so called’ healthy foods that you get from the food stalls and hotels.

Get suggestions from your partner on healthy salads and juices and go along with it to lose weight in a healthy way. And it is a natural quality of woman to suggest, prepare and pack healthy food.

Follow healthy eating

Apart from all the assistance you receive from your close friends, you also have to stay determined on certain healthy eating habits like:

  • Include more veggie and fruits
  • Go in for fish twice a week if you eat non-veg food
  • Go in for low-fat dairy products
  • Do not choose processed food, choose fresh and natural foods to cook and eat
  • Cut back on your salt and sugar intake
  • Watch your portion sizes
  • Do not involve in alcohol too much, if it is a necessary social meet, then restrict yourself to 3-4 units and nothing more

Watching sports doesn’t solve it

Don’t just stop with watching sports. Take in a favorite sport and go sporting on the game with friends. Let it be an outdoor game which will help burn your calories in the most favorite way you prefer it. Don’t wait for a doc to tell you all these basic things and to conduct a number of tests that can burn your pocket to burn your weight. Also don’t wait for the doc to tell you that your physique is down with some disease. Instead, take charge and be a sport!

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