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Are you lean & looking for healthy weight gain?

Obesity is the main health issue which pushes many people to search for the solutions, but there are some people who want to gain weight to look cute & chubby. According to Ayurveda weight gaining is much easier than weight loosing, because weight gain can be achieved just with simple modification in your diet and life style.

In Ayurveda it has been stated that treatment for Athikrisha(lean) is easier than Athisthula(Over weight)while the use of sweet and unctuous foods and other comforts cure emaciation easily, obesity will not be so easily cured by the use of opposites.

What Causes Krishathvam (Lean)?

  • Hrasva Mathra Ahara - Eating less quantity of food.
  • Vata prakopa ahara - Food that cause aggravations of vata like dry, without oiliness.
  • Vata Prakopa Karma - Activities which aggravates Vata like excessive exercise, fasting, lifting heavy weights, hard working.
  • Vata Prakruti - Persons dominated by vata from birth itself.
  • Athi chinthna - Always thinking about the sorrow.
  • Vega dharana - Suppression of natural urges.

What should you do for weight gain?

  • Increase the quantity of food
  • You must increase the number of meals by eating 4 times a day with regular intervals. You should not skip food especially, the breakfast. If you feel less appetite, take medicines to improve appetite and then increase the quantity. Otherwise it may cause indigestion. Don’t do fasting. Langhanam is contraindicated in lean persons.

  • Improve the quality of food
  • Your food should be high caloried, protein rich with more pulses & legumes which is more important in building muscle mass. It should be nutritious, sweet in taste, oily. Add fruits like dates, papaya, and apple in raw form, fruit juices, mutton, meat soups, and eggs in your daily diet.

  • Ingest more water
  • Don’t drink water before or in between the meals, by doing so the stomach will be filled with water & gives the feeling of fullness. It prevents you to take enough food. So drink water at the end of the meals with required quantity.

  • Eliminate properly
  • You should evacuate stools every day. Suppression of natural urges like Urine, feces, gas (flatulence) aggravates Vata which causes further more dryness& emaciation, which should be avoided.

  • Exercise
  • Avoid heavy exercises like walking for long distance, lifting heavy weight, travelling for long hours in jerky vehicles.

  • Be Happy always
  • De stress yourself by adopting the methods of yoga and meditation.

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