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Top 5 Vitamin B Foods for Hair Growth

Be it hair or skin, the shine and healthy looks doesn’t come from outward treatments alone. You are what you eat is so true when it comes to the reflection and appearance of your skin and hair. If you have been pampering your health with good stuff all the time, your hair will smile back at you with great shine, health and texture.

Foods for Hair Growth

If you have been taking care of your hair only with herbal and nutritious outward treatments, then this is exactly for you. Learn what you should be eating to bring that natural hair health from inside. Or, if you have already been taking good stuff to maintain your hair health, then make out if you are eating these exactly and also learn how you can improvise your hair care regimen through foods. Vitamin B is the main food for hair health. It contains a group of biotin molecules, B12, B5, B6, B complex and various other nutrients, which are together called Vitamin B.

So, let’s get started with the top 5 Vitamin B foods you must be consuming very often.


There is a common myth across the globe that crunching on nuts can make you more obese and chunky. It might be true when you eat unlimited amounts of nuts. Whereas, when you crunch on measured quantities of almonds, walnuts or nuts alike, they will introduce a truckload of Vitamin B into your body. Especially, nuts like almonds and Brazilian nuts, walnuts etc. have Vitamin E also in them which will nourish your hair roots and make your hair appear shinier than the normal.

2. The non-vegan saga

If you a non-vegetarian, then your favorite dishes could be made of egg or chicken because these contain a lot of Vitamin B12 and B7. These B vitamins have the capability to strengthen the hair roots and make them stronger. They can also prevent thinning out of hair and hair loss.

3. The fish feast

Here’s one more goodie for the non-vegetarians. Fishes can be your hair’s best friend. If you want to analyse the authenticity of this information, check for states like Bengal etc. which consider fish as their staple food. The hair and skin of these people will glow with gorgeousness. If you want to be seeing yourself on the healthy hair list, feast on fish often. Salmon especially has a lot of pro vitamin B5 and other nutrients that can stimulate hair growth and give you awesome hair.

4. Sprouts

Whenever you are hungry, consider snacking on fresh sprouts, mostly homemade. Sprouting lentils aren’t a big thing at all – all you have to do is, soak them in water for a while and hang them dry with the help of a muslin cloth. The next morning, your bowl of sprouts is all ready for your snacks. You can also spice it up by adding some chopped onions and green chillies. What more can you ask for when your snack is healthy and yummy at the same time! These sprouts contain iron coupled with Vitamin B and can promote lustrous hair growth and will also prevent your hair from falling out.

5. Chickpeas, the vegan’s boost

If you cannot eat non-veg food as mentioned above, chickpea is always your friend. Make some yummy chickpea sundal for your breakfast or snacks and that can add a shine and health to your hair. Chickpeas are enriched with iron, calcium, manganese and zinc, all suited for your hair health.

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