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6 New and Surprising Findings about Cholesterol

Which picture do you relate to when you hear the word “cholesterol”? Of course, all the fatty foods that takes a toll on your heart’s wellbeing!! The blood related disease-cholesterol has a directly impacting relationship with your heart. A research by Dr Genest confirms that 83% of heart attacks and heart related ailments can be cut down certainly when you are able to have a hands-on control on your diet and fitness.

6 New and Surprising Findings about Cholesterol

Here are a few interesting findings about cholesterol and your role in it:

  • The good is not always good: Yes, HDL (High Density Lipids) which is always termed as the good cholesterol is not good always say researchers. It is a known fact that increasing the amount of HDL in one’s diet will directly cut down the risk for your heart. But, it has recently been found that this might not be true—for the reason that rather than a decrease or increase in HDL directly affecting health, HDL levels may be a marker of other factors instead.
  • How much is the limit? If you’ve been wondering how to limit yourself from the right amount of cholesterol intake-here’s news for you. Your body is the best judge when it comes to using nutrients, fats, vitamins and everything that you consume. It makes use of the cholesterol as and when your physique needs it. When you consume more fats, the body makes less and the vice versa. Therefore, on an average 85% of the cholesterol needs are taken care by your body itself. All you have to feed your body is the rest 15% through healthy food. All this just comes to say that you don’t need to take in large amounts of fat in order for your body to function. The least, the best!
  • The weather says it all: Your cholesterol levels rise up during the summers and go down during winters. Also, your blood will read for different levels of cholesterol at different times of the day. It is very much related to the food that you intake.
  • You can see high cholesterol levels through your naked eye! Blood tests are not the only measurable parameters for your high cholesterol levels. In some people, high cholesterol levels show up reddish-yellow outbreaks on the facial skin; especially on the nose. These patches may vary in size and intensity and sometimes might be seen spread throughout the body as well. These bumpy things are called “xanthomas”; this probably is the first thing that your doc will notice from your skin when you have been reported for high cholesterol levels. Have a check!
  • Cholesterol can’t be burned down: Yes, you read it right. There is no way that you can burn your cholesterol. You can burn down your fat accumulation, but not the processed cholesterol that your body has in stores for its usage. All you can do it live a healthy lifestyle that includes super-healthy food and fine fitness. All this will ensure that your good cholesterols are taken into account, cutting down on the bad cholesterol.
  • High cholesterol can cut down sex: Sexual disorders are another recently found side effect of high cholesterol levels. It has been researched that men with a total cholesterol level above 270 mg/dl are prone to testicular cancer 4.5 times more than the normal men with other associated disorders. Erectile dysfunction could be another associated side effect of high cholesterol level in men. When it comes to women, high fat intake can lead to polycystic ovaries, which will cut down the capability of child bearing—a main attribute and respect to womanhood!

Now that you have a fair idea on the facts and figures of this disease—it’s all in your hands to have a tab on your diet and fitness. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay fit to live a disease-free, hale and healthy life.

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