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Skin Care - Psoriasis Effective Treatment by Natural Ayurvedic Oil

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Psoriasis Anywhere On the Body Can Cause Self-Image Problems

skin disorder Psoriasis

The chronic skin disorder-Psoriasis can definitely cause self-image problems. Yes, while in the case of normal skin, cells will grow gradually and shed off in 4 weeks to be replaced by the new layer of skin; in psoriasis conditions, the new skin moves into the surface of the old skin very rapidly and gets accumulated. This causes thick patches and is referred to as “plaques”.

This can occur anywhere on the body and the patches can be small or large. Though it is a disease that affects the adults, it has become common in teens and children too, today. Psoriasis can affect one’s knees, elbows, hands, feet, lower back or scalp.


Following are the causes to this skin disorder:

  • While your immune system overreacts, it causes inflammation and rashes on the skin resulting in psoriasis.
  • In a few cases, it dawns on you from your family-it runs in the family basically.
  • A cold and dry climate is also the cause often.
  • Certain medications which are used to treat high BP and mental problems may leave this disorder as a side effect.
  • Women who smoke are more likely to get this disease and those who already are affected will face worse symptoms, the reason being, smoking aggravates the psoriasis condition.

All this being said, you must also be assured that psoriasis is not a contagious disease-it does not spread on touching! So if your friend or family member is suffering from this skin disorder, give them the right cause instead of making them feel even worse about their complaint.


As already mentioned, psoriasis can affect your knees, elbows, lower back, hands, feet, scalp etc. But what will confirm you of this disorder?

  • Severe rashes which are scaly and powdery
  • Silvery or pinkish raised patches which are hard while touched
  • Swollen, tender and painful patches
  • Building of dead skin cells in your finger nails
  • Ayurveda and Psoriasis

    In Ayurvedic Science, Psoriasis is believed to be the outcome of impurities in blood coupled with emotional factors. It is the combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha; and predominantly, vata and kapaha.

    Vatha causes pain, dryness and itchiness, while Pitta contributes to the irritability sensation and inflammation. Kapha contributes to the discharge and thickening of the skin. The combination of these three factors in varying intensities is first checked for when an Ayurvedic regime is started on a patient who is suffering from Psoriasis.

    Following this, the person’s food habits, exposure to the weather etc. are surveyed on and the need to cut down on foods like curds and other milk products, coffee, tea, seafood and non-veg will be emphasized on. Following this regimen, the following will be advised:

    • Detoxification on your body through Ayurvedic therapies, this might be a Panchakarma therapy mostly and this purely depends on case-on-case
    • Internal medication and external applicable oils, ointments will be prescribed
    • Immunomodulation is another therapy that you will be prescribed to
    • Apart from these, changes in your eating habits, lifestyle and stress management will be reiterated on

    While the other forms of medicine give this skin disorder a temporary relief and continuous medicines for a lifetime, Ayurveda is but the only form of medication which can relieve you of this embarrassing skin disorder at once.

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