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Top 5 Popular Modern Diet Myths Busted

While you have stepped into the venture of losing weight, any and every advice from any corner of the world will seem too important to you. Trusting in every myth that is not scientifically true will bring losses only to you and not to the one who spread the word. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to follow diet patterns and stick onto them only when you see some scientifically genuine reason behind it.

Modern Diet Myths Busted

This article will be your eye opener on the common 5 myths you have heard about diets, due to which you might be completely avoiding these in your diet regiment. After reading this article, you will be able to relate yourself with the best dieting practices and list of foods and will spread the good word around you. The next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t be eating a particular food, which you recently discovered, was just a myth, stand up and tell them the goodness and badness about the food.

If you can’t have fruits, replace it with fruit juices

This is the number one myth you will hear all around you. People ask you to drink a glass full of fruit juice with no sugar added, if you are not able to lay your hands on fresh fruits for a particular meal. This is the danger zone you are putting yourself through. You must know that when a particular fruit is blended in a mixer to extract its juice, the natural sugar content in it also gets whisked up and the form of sugar gets converted into sucrose during the process. So, it doesn’t matter if you are adding sugar or not to your juice, you will still be hogging on sugar syrup and not the goodness of a fruit.

One another thing that doesn’t strike most of us is that, when a fruit is blended to make juice, it is filtered for remains to bring clear juice into your juice glass. In this process, you will also be missing out on the fiber content of a fruit.

So, say no to fruit juices and go in for fruit salads and fruit slices.

Only white and no yellow

While you are on a diet, it is common that your dietician asks you to ignore the yolk of the egg and will ask you to make recipes with egg white. And, you might be ardently following this as well. Did you know that eggs, the godsend is fully loaded with nutrients, only in its yellow part?

Yes, the yolk of an egg consists of abundant zinc, iron, vitamins A, B and D, lutein and choline. Each of these ingredients helps in brain development, controlling cholesterol and maintaining your eye sight. Also, the other nutrients like vitamin A, riboflavin, calcium, iron, phosphorus are all locked up in the yellow of an egg. You need all of these nutrients for your wellbeing and eggs are the cheapest form of nutrition available on earth. Do not go by this myth.

Eating 1-2 eggs (along with the yolk) will help you reduce weight and replace unwanted junk food. So stick to eggs and do not ignore the yellow!

If you are a vegan, never dream of being a body builder!

There is another common say that only hogging on meat will imbibe proteins into your bones. If you do not include non-vegetarian food in your regimen, your body will not able to provide enough proteins to build your muscles and bones.

This is time to wake up – God differentiated people into vegans and non-vegetarians for a reason and not to show any partiality in terms of quality of food. Vegan foods like paneer, soya beans, nuts, seeds, flaxseeds, chickpeas, brown rice, quinoa and oats are more than equivalent in protein content while compared to the non-vegetarian list of foods.

Going further, great body built actors like Shahid Kapoor and Vidyut Jamal are pure vegans and have the healthiest body build ever. So stick on to your custom of food, and don’t experiment on something, if you don’t like it. Food that is eaten with love only will add to health and fitness. Don’t force yourself into non-veg food, if you don’t like it! Go in for the above mentioned vegan foods to feed your bones and muscles with ample proteins.

No carbs, only energy – forgets the carbs totally

So, bashing on carbs because someone told you it adds on to your daily calories and will make losing weight an impossible task to achieve? Carbs add to fat gain and you will never lose weight! If this is what you have been hearing on, then it’s time to illuminate yourself with some carb knowledge.

Carbs are essential to your body to replenish all the deleted energy levels after a hard workout. You must know to choose between fast digesting carbs and those which will add to weight/fat gain. Healthy carbs will benefit you in your task and will keep you fresh and fine while you are working out towards a goal. Choosing is what matters, when it comes to carbs.

The Olive Oil epic

You must have been watching TV ads where famous celebrities ask you to leave your traditional oils and switch over to olive oil. Only olive oil will keep you away from heart diseases, cholesterol and diabetes. And after watching this ad, you must have hunted down every rack and shelf in your supermarket to buy the best brand of olive oil, right? Here’s what you must know before you set aside money for splurging on olive oils.

Olive oil, in its raw form used for salad dressing, definitely does you loads of good with its antioxidants etc. But when you set it to flame to cook your traditional and contemporary dishes, it loses out on all of its nutritious value and does no good, other than adding to your fat intake level.

Stick with butter instead; this doesn’t harm you when you use it as your cooking oil. It can withstand the highest form of temperatures. Using butter in moderation for cooking your dishes will bring you tons of goodness. Open your eyes and look around for scientific reasons, before you indulge yourself or refrain yourself from a particular diet. Happy, healthy eating!

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