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Medicinal uses of Cassia fistula

Commonly known as the Golden Showers, this plant really has properties to bestow your health with benefits. Let’s take a look at its medicinal properties and how you can customize it according to your health needs.

Also referred to as Amalatas this tree is medium in size which large leaves. The leaves are dark green in color indicating its rich pigmentation of chlorophyll. The flowers of this tree are golden yellow in color, thus denoting the name Golden Showers. The fruits of this tree are shiny and dark brown in color.

Talking about its habitat, this tree is found very commonly in Indian soils and is sometimes used as a decorative tree in front of houses. You can also see them in evergreen forests of India which can grow as high as 1500 meters in the forest regions alone.

Medicinal uses of Cassia fistula

The Nutrition

With the leaves containing anthraquinone derivatives and tannin, the tree’s leaves comes handy for many medicinal uses. The root bark contains tannin, phlobaphanes and oxy-anthraquinone. The pulp contains rhein.

Medicinal Uses

1. Ease those bowels: You can put the cassia pulp to use for an effective and natural laxative effect. It might come handy to pregnant mothers and even babies. You could soak the pulp in plain water overnight and then strain it into a clean glass. Add some sugar or honey to the extract and drink it for best effects.

2. Chase the flu: No matter you suffer from a common cold, flu or sinus problems, Cassia can come handy. Burn the root of this medicinal plant and opt to breathe the fumes. This will instantly arrest running nose and sinus problems. You will experience immediate relief.

3. Slash down that temperature: If you are suffering from high body temperatures or fever that has cropped up as a result of infection, there could be no better treatment like that of Cassia fistula. Boil the root and leaf extracts of this plant in water, filter out the water and drink it down. It will effectively fight against infections and bring down your temperature to normalcy.

4. Support your intestinal tract: For children suffering from gastritis and flatulence problems, Cassia is the best and permanent relief. The pulp of Cassia fruits can be applied orally over the naval area. This will remove the gas and bloating issues and support their gastrointestinal tract.

5. Pamper those taste buds: For people who have been addicted to cocaine or opium, the taste buds would have run out of life. Taste and flavors might seem distant to them. After treating such patients for their addiction, you could start them on chewing the leaves of Cassia. On a regular basis, chewing these leaves will help augment your taste buds in a better way.

You could also mix up the pulp with milk and then prescribe it as a mouth wash to such people.

6. Get blessed with flawless skin: If you have blisters on your skin or some type of skin disorder, Cassia will always be of help. The juice of the plant or the paste version of it can be the best relief to ring worm infections or inflammation in the legs and hands. You could also treat rheumatism and facial paralysis with the external application of juice or paste over a three month period.

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