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Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Banana

Fortunately every street in India has a street cart vendor selling fruits, bananas especially. Since it is very easily available, people fail to know its worth. The amount of medicinal benefits it has and the Ayurvedic goodness of this fruit goes unnoticed. Reading this article will tell you how important it is to have bananas.

Medicinal Properties of Banana
  • Bananas are the store houses of almost every nutrient. Loaded with vitamins, carbs and minerals it is a healthy snack and can replace many junk foods. For people who are dieting and starving, bananas can give you the essential strength.
  • Bananas have a lot of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc with noticeable amounts of Vitamin A, B and C, making it bone friendly. If you have a bone leaching problem or a muscle twitching and weakness, then bananas are the “to-go” fruit for instant help.
  • With excessive amounts of iron, bananas’ nutrients are well absorbed when had with a glass of plain milk. If you are your close ones are suffering from a low hemoglobin count, then you can count on 2 bananas a day to settle the HB values.
  • With enormous potassium and sodium content, bananas act as the balancing agent. It balances the sodium potassium level in one’s body and reduces high blood pressure. So, if someone is suffering from a blood pressure problem, then you should recommend this easily available and all-seasons fruit for them.
  • Blood pressure is directly related to erectile dysfunction, stroke and heart attacks. When your blood mounts up in pressure, normal activities and hormone flow can go for a toss. An abrupt dysfunction of these essential elements can recess your normal activities. To stay safe, have a banana every day.
  • This fruit is not only bone-friendly, but also men-friendly. With its abundant calcium levels, it increases the sperm motility in men. For a healthy sexual life and an instant sexual drive, men can rely on bananas.
  • Next is the most often faced problem, digestive disorders. Bananas have very rich fiber content and so will help in relieving digestion troubles. It is very helpful for pregnant ladies.
  • Apart from all these well-known benefits, bananas are brain boosters too. It is said that they stimulate brain cells and help in enhancing one’s memory. In fact, doctors advise students to have banana just before entering their exam halls, so that they can stay focused in doing their part. These natural brain tonics are student-friendly.
  • Bananas are the most sought after food for infants. No matter your new born is healthy or petite, feeding them on mashed bananas is the best diet. When you start your babies on solid foods, bananas are the most recommended.
  • Bananas also play a major part in ending one’s beauty woos. One can stop the sign of aging on their faces and can keep wrinkles away until their end of lives. How? Bananas are the answer. Mashing up bananas and adding a teaspoon of honey, whipping it up and using it as a face pack will make one’s skin shine with a healthy plumped up look and will chase away wrinkles.
  • Another important use of bananas is for the smokers. Those who are trying to quit smoking or want to detoxify all the nicotine they are inhaled so far through a cigarette should count on bananas. With a lot of vitamins, minerals and many hidden and unhidden health benefits, bananas will detoxify the lungs off the toxins. For those who are trying to quit on this habit, having bananas at the time of temptation will help. The reason being, it will reduce your craving for gulping in nicotine and thus you will forget it instantly.

With so many good things buried in a single fruit, your ultimate choice of fruit should be bananas. No matter where you are, or which season it is, this healthy fruit is always nearby. Eat bananas, stay healthy.

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