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How to Boost Your Immune System with Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurveda and its medicinal formulations are all about herbs, spices and foods that are naturally and organically available without any adulteration and processing. Ayurveda believes strongly that food is the healing factor.

With that being said and done, let us look at the Ayurvedic treatments you can experiment with safely for boosting your immunity.

Immune System with Ayurvedic Medicine

First things first, choose foods that are easy to digest

When you choose what you want to eat, it must become an unconscious habit in you to choose light, nutritious and easy to digest foods. Only when your food is digested properly will you be able to experience the complete nutritive effects in your body, and your immune system will get boosted like never before.

Choose fresh fruits, vegetables, grain and legumes and choose cereals for your breakfast. Do not go in for those processed tin foods and hard to digest heavy feasts. When your food is light and gets digested easily, it will quickly convert to ojas – the positive vibration in your body that can enhance your immune system.

Also, go in for organically grown foods as they will render the maximum nutrition to you and keep your cells away from the damage of chemicals.

Spice up and pep up your food Ayurvedically

Our ancestors included vital spices like turmeric, cumin, carom seeds and pepper in almost every recipe they dished out. These spices not only give your food an appetizing and tempting flavour and taste, but also enhance and boost the good qualities of the veggies or fruits you’ve cooked. These spices healthily support digestion and help the digestive juices in their proper secretion. These spices streamline your digestive process and make nutrients easily available to your cells. When your cells take up the

For the right immune boosting property, call for these healthy spices in every recipe you experiment with and your immune system will be boosted by leaps and bounds!

Choose special foods

In the first point, you did get an idea that choosing easy to digest fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes give you the right boost of immunity power. But this section will talk about the particular fruits and veggies you will have to include, so that they introduce antioxidants to your body. Antioxidants will in turn fight against the free floating and damaging radicals in your body, thus flushing out toxins. When your body is successfully and vigorously able to do this, it directly means that your immune system has been boosted with Ayurveda, successfully.

You must choose apples for their insoluble and soluble fiber content and for their ability to cleanse your colon effectively. According to Ayurveda, cleansing the colon is the first step to any treatment and it will help multiply your immunity power to triple it’s existing capacity. You should also include pears, peaches, plums, pineapples and mangoes to boost your immune cells. Just ensure that all of these are organically tree ripened and it will eliminate the toxins and make your body fight-ready for all the infections around you!

When it comes to the veggies, you should choose greens and spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. and cooked it with the right blend of recommended spices for its immune-enhancing nutrients.

Fats you must consider

In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is must that ghee and milk are in your daily diet regimen. Limited quantities of both these release easily digestible fats that are necessary for your body. While the milk contains healthy bacteria that can help your digestive tract attain the right balance of healthy bacteria for digestion, the soluble fat in ghee acts as a natural laxative to keep your colon free of constipation and infections thereon.

Apart from the above-mentioned elaborate eating styles for Ayurvedically boosting your immunity, you must also follow the below pointers for a healthier YOU:

  • Cook your food to moderation. Overcooking food will destroy its nutrients
  • Eat at the proper time and don’t skip any meal. Eat healthy and on time. Wrap up with your dinner before 7-7.30 PM
  • Don’t overstuff yourself with food. Always eat the right quantity and ensure excellent quality of whatever you are eating
  • Go in for seasonal fruits and veggies for rendering maximum nutrition
  • Get enlightened about the herbs that heal according to Ayurveda and try having them at least once a month
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