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Asmask Capsule - Helps to Control Asthma and Respiratory Disorders

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10 Home Remedies for Asthma Wheezing

Suffering from piles? Don’t travel the guilt ride anymore. Here are 13 home remedies to get rid of piles very effectively. These are Ayurvedic tips will relieve you from the pain and unexplainable suffering that you’ve been going through:

Asthma Wheezing

1. Caffeine, asthma’s friend

Caffeine has a good controlling capacity of the allergic reactions and will control wheezing in no time. Drinking plain coffee twice a day will help improvise your respiratory system and will keep you away from shortness of breath. If you start doing this on a regular basis, you will eventually get rid of such asthma wheezing attacks once and for all!

2. The ginger therapy

Grate an inch long ginger, grate it and add it to a pot of boiling water. Let this cool down a little, and have this concoction every day once; no matter you have a wheezing attack or not. Ginger has the miraculous Ayurvedic power to fight away the blocks and infections in your lungs and your respiratory tract and to bring you out of such wheezing problems.

3. Fig mania

If you have had a recent wheezing attack due to asthma, do this fig therapy several times a day and you’ll find instant relief. All you’ll have to do is soak a handful of dried figs in warm water overnight. The next day, keep munching on these soaked figs and follow it with a few teaspoons of the soaked water. Figs, when soaked have an enhanced power to cure your respiratory blocks.

4. Your DIY massage oil

It always feels relieving and relaxing to massage on a little bit of soothing or some minty oil onto your chest and nose when you have a cold. It is the same with asthma patients too. Rubbing on such oil on the chest area gives them the ease of breathing. For this, you could heat some mustard oil and let it cool. Once it cools down, add a bit of camphor to it and use this oil to massage your chest and back when you experience a shortness of breath.

5. The flavored milk

Flavor up your milk with garlic pods and you will come out of such asthma wheezing attacks effortlessly. You will have to boil a cup of milk with 2-3 pods of peeled garlic and cool down this milk. When it is warm enough, chew the garlic pods and follow it up with the milk. Doing this twice a day will help!

6. The rubbing oil

Apart from the DIY massage oil we learned of in the above point, you could also rely on pure eucalyptus oil to serve the massaging purpose. Rub this oil onto the chest area and your back and you will find that your breathing gets easier.

7. Pep up your food with the flavor of onions

Ensure you add a few slices of raw onion to your food, be it a salad or subzi! Onions have sulphur which helps clear away infections related to breathing. You could also chew raw onions now and then if you don’t care for the raw onion smell your breath will contain.

8. Stack up the vitamin C content in your body

Vitamin C is the nutrient that helps fight against infections and antioxidants in your body. People with asthma often have low levels of vitamin C in their body – all the resource of vitamin C would have depleted over time after fighting against so many wheezing attacks earlier! Therefore, ensure you have citric juice and prefer citrus fruits like orange and lemon over the normal fruits.

9. Let the carom seeds take over

Carom seeds, commonly referred to as “ajwain” in India is also one of the best Ayurvedic natural remedy for asthma wheezing. You can boil a pot of water with a teaspoon of carom seeds and then strain the liquid and bring it to room temperature. Keep sipping this water several times a day and you will find considerable relief.

10. Dry ginger, the master

Dry ginger, otherwise called “sukku” is also the fighter. Infections and respiratory problems are chased away by dry ginger. You can add an inch long dried ginger to a pot of water, strain it and use it instead of plain water.

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