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Respiratory Support

We offer a number of natural herbal products for relief from respiratory disorders. These treatments focus on correcting systemic imbalances of the respiratory organs without causing side effects to other areas of the body.

Which organ works day in and day out? It is your respiratory system, of course. The vehicle of oxygen to the whole of your body; your respiratory system is vulnerable to pollutants, irritants, dust, fungus, harmful organisms and various other toxins. Unless or until you've shielded yourself from these environmental monsters, they are certain to take a toll on your precious organ.

To strengthen your lungs and every single part of your respiratory tract, nature has a bountiful herbs and botanicals for nutrition to your respiratory system. Herbs are the respiratory support agents that break up and expel chest congestion – in short, they are expectorants.

Ayurveda strongly believes that these well-researched botanicals are nature's way of respiratory support products that help soothing irritated nasal passages and relaxing your upper respiratory system to quell away a cough.

With Ayurvedic formulation of respiratory support medicines, you will be successful in calming the release of histamines, the anti-allergic hormones and thereby, your body will be able to fight against harmful organisms that enter your respiratory tract. The ingredients in the Ayurvedic formulation are a wonderful source of antioxidants and help reduce oxidative damage in the lungs.

When you don't have your respiratory illness treated on time, you could drive your body to many hazardous lung based infections:

  • Here are different symptoms of respiratory infections, which will help you approach an Ayurvedic expert instantly:
  • Shortness of breath or wheezing issues. Breathlessness even for less strenuous activities like climbing a small flight of stairs.
  • Coughing continuously and the sight of mucous every time you cough. This is termed as a sputum-producing cough.
  • Uneasiness or tightness in the chest area for the slightest of manual work. Chest pain is most complained of health issue in respiratory illnesses.
  • Swelling in your fingers and toes, accompanied by cough or cold often.
  • In cases of climate extremities or over strenuous activities, you might find hints of blood along with your sputum. This is when you have to really push yourself to an Ayurvedic doctor without any further delay.

Most of these respiratory infections are an outcome of the environmental pollutants and irritants and unnecessary exposure to radiations and chemicals in your daily life. Certain times, respiratory problems like asthma and wheezing might turn out to be heredity and you've to address them with an expert's help.

Hailing the herbs for the treatment of your respiratory illnesses and using respiratory support medicines made out of herbs will benefit you the most. They help strengthen your respiratory system as a whole and your lungs in particular.

Let's look at the best Ayurvedic respiratory support products that Vopec can offer you.

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Navras syrup is excellent for treating cough symptoms without the side effects of drowsiness or sedation. The anti-inflammatory activity of this formula effectively reduces inflammatory conditions in the respiratory tract. It dissolves congested phlegm easily and expels them from the lungs. It forms a soothing film over the respiratory tract and relieves any burning sensations within the airways caused by recurrent coughing.

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Coughs are sometimes very chronic and can cause harm, if not dealt properly. Swasasugam is formulated with the combination of herbs, which are effective in relieving irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth. It also provides relief from sore throat.

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Asmask Capsule is a unique herbal blend that controls Asthma, prevents allergic bronchitis, clears air passage and related respiratory disorders. It also helps in improving your immunity level and promoting general health.

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1 - 4 of 4 Products