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Health Benefits of Pomegranate

The red fruit is not only attractive for its vibrant color but also to the benefits it adds to your health. Benefits myriad, this red fruit has everything in it that can improve the quality of your health by leaps and bounds.

Have a look at a few of its benefits and you will be eager to add a glass of pomegranate juice to your diet regimen right from today:

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

1. Your heart’s friend

Pomegranate is a friend to your heart. It has a lot of natural antioxidants which can fight against the free radicals in your blood and strengthen your heart muscles as well. It will prevent your body from atherosclerosis; the block in the arteries that causes heart attacks. It will purify your blood and strengthen your arteries making it heart friendly.

2. Balance your blood sugars

Though pomegranate contains the fructose form of sugar, it does not augment your blood sugar levels. While the other fruit juices can increase the sugar content in your body, pomegranate will never do that. So you can go ahead and include it in your daily diet schedules. It is the best fruit juice for diabetic people too.

3. Shields cancer

Since the whole red fruit is loaded with antioxidants it can damage the free radicals in your body. Thereby, it will also stop the growth and development of cancerous symptoms and shield your health. It will neutralize the toxins in your body and strengthen your white blood cells for immunity. For men, it may turn out beneficial in shielding them against prostate cancer and in women it can prevent breast cancer.

4. No more stomach upsets

With a lot of calcium and other vitamins and minerals, it probes the growth of healthy bacteria in your intestinal tract. It will also ensure balance in pH of intestinal juices. The nutrients that are assimilated and broken down will be absorbed in a better way with the help of pomegranates. While your stomach pH is balanced and your digestive system is strengthened, you will not have any stomach upset complaints.

5. Augments your blood levels

If you are anaemic, then you don’t have to worry having this rescuer fruit with you. It contains a lot of iron content that can add onto the RBC content in your blood and increase your haemoglobin levels. Mixing up candied sugar along with your pomegranate juice will augment your RBC even better.

6. The secret for a beautiful and healthy baby

Our ancestors didn’t stress on pomegranate juice during pregnancies without a reason. With so many nutrients buried in this single red fruit, it is most beneficial to pregnant mothers and the embryo growing inside her.

7. Healthy skin, healthy you

It is said that the first step to being beautiful outside is to be beautiful inside. Eating right and in a balanced way is the first step towards an appealing personality. Eating a lot of pomegranates will not only help you lose weight, but are also an excellent source of potassium, calcium etc. and can replace your junk very efficiently. It will add shine and health to your skin and hair and you will know how to find that “beautiful you” in you!

With so many benefits in one single pomegranate, why wouldn’t you change your plans of diet and stick onto pomegranate juice on a daily basis? It’s one of the best known fruits that you may find almost in every season and for every reason!!

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