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Green Foods that Lowers Cholesterol Naturally

The food you have the up-trending cholesterol disease which is attacking every age and gender is very closely related. Though there are a number of reasons exclusive of food that bring cholesterol to a person, food is the most associated entity.

Today’s lifestyle, habitat, environment and food especially are the reasons that contribute to this detrimental disease. Cholesterol cuts down on the comforts - the familiar line. One who is afflicted with cholesterol is restricted from almost all the delicious food that is available out there. Butter, ghee and other yummy ingredients which make a food most palatable are deprived off to a cholesterol patient. This is when depression sets in and the person goes out of the way to relish on these dishes stealthily.

Green Foods that Lowers Cholesterol Naturally

To manage their health and at the same time to stay safe on food choices, here’s a list of green foods that can be prepared in the most delicious ways to quench the hunger of a cholesterol patient. You can cook it for yourself and feel one among the foodie society, as well!

Avocado, the Butter Fruit

Though you are not allowed to pamper yourself with generous servings of butter and ghee, you are allowed to eat the butter fruit sufficiently, which will replace the same taste and a healthier purpose. It lowers down your present cholesterol levels and is too good for your heart. Even dieters include avocado as their primary food of choice.

The Green Greens

The reason why the famous old cartoon ‘Popeye’ gulped down tins and tins of spinach said it all. Right from the young till the old, this was the most sort after cartoon. In a play way method, media taught you the purpose and importance of eating greens, otherwise called the spinach. Spinach helps maintain your cholesterol level as it is high in fiber content.

The Soy Power

Vitamin B, calcium and protein enriched, soy beans fresh and green is a go-for to cure cholesterol illness. It increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL). It is also rich in glutathione, an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and a must condition for patients suffering of cholesterol

Green Tea, Good Tea

Green tea leaves or the processed tea bags is a must have for cholesterol patients. Stir in a teaspoon full of green tea leaves to boiling water and strain the liquid into your tea cup and you will be done. Green tea is full of antioxidants and has the superb capacity to maintain your cholesterol levels. More than everything, it is your heart’s best friend. Cholesterol patients are asked to restrict their food patterns and amount of food intake; in this condition, binge eating is a weakness to such people. Green tea will help you replace unhealthy food you take while you’re binge eating.

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