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5 Tips to Help Prevent Indigestion

When you enter into the feast hall and see that galore of colorful food in front of you, the first thought that pops up in your mind is, “wow, I have a lot to hog on today”; but what’s your second thought? “Oops, those indigestion traumas that I’ve to go through after a nice feast!” – isn’t it?

Here are tips that will help you keep your indigestion away so that you can still float and enjoy the first thought that popped up in your mind.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Indigestion

1. Don’t skip the fruits counter

When you have been trying your hands on all possible foods in a grand feast, make sure you spot out a fruit counter which provides fruit salads or juices. Keep sipping on the juice or keep taking a bite of the fruits now and then, so that the fiber content in the fruits will ease up the digestive process and will make digestion friendly bacterium active and reproductive in your digestive tract.

2. Do the “chewing” action

Just because you get to see a lot of food, doesn’t mean you have to swallow it all down. Chew, taste and munch on each morsel of your food. This will not only give you the delight of rejoicing food, but will also make you full more faster and you won’t reach out to junk food that’s available in plenty in every party!

3. Do not skip out on the workout regime

No matter what happens or how rejoicing your feast has been on the previous night, you ought to wake up the next morning and run or walk or jog – whichever your exercising regimen is. There’s no reason that you must tell yourself to skip out on work outs.

When you run or walk the next morning, it will work easy on your stomach and no matter how heavy your food has been digestion will not be looked upon as a hassle or nightmare. Now, it’s your turn to choose what you want to see – those indigestive sufferings or a healthy body even after hogging!

4. Don’t rely on those antacids and laxatives

There are people who eat a tremendous amount of food in spite of their known digestive disorders and then reach out for their usual antacids and laxatives to help them get rid of all that heaviness and bloated up feeling.

Such people do not realize that these antacids and external medicines which help your digestion will also side by side tame your digestive process to its usage. In simpler terms, it will get your digestive system so used to such drugs, so that there will come a day when your intestines will not function on their own and will start depending on such tonics to do their job.

Why would you do that harm to yourself? Fruits and fibers are the natural key to your indigestion problems. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and salads to tame your digestive system to natural fibers and healthy probiotics.

5. Replace your antacids with probiotics

As a measure to improve to digestive rate and process, you can rather depend on natural probiotics than antacids and other medical formulations.

Natural probiotics are available everywhere today in plenty. Reach out to curds, which is one of the best and easy to make dishes. It contains a lot of probiotics in it.

Here’s what probiotics exactly do – they introduce new healthy digestive bacterial into your intestine. These healthy bacteria will enhance your digestive process and help in better assimilation and absorption of nutrients from your intestine.

Absorbing nutrients will not only enhance your digestive process, but will also serve to be heart healthy. Your heart will function well and your blood will be supplied flawlessly to every part of your body making your fit and fine.

Explore the supermarket near you or online and get to know about a few natural probiotics you can rely on!

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