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13 Effective Remedies for Piles Treatment

Suffering from piles? Don’t travel the guilt ride anymore. Here are 13 home remedies to get rid of piles very effectively. These are Ayurvedic tips will relieve you from the pain and unexplainable suffering that you’ve been going through:

Piles Treatment

The wheatgrass remedy

You will find wheatgrass powder in many supermarkets and when you do, don’t forget to grab them! It is the best powder to use for your enema treatment. Being natural and herbal in quality, it won’t leave behind any burning sensation or irritation and you’ll feel more relieved and relaxed.

The splendid sesame

Sesame which is used to add the aroma factor for many Indian recipes can do the best for you while you are suffering from piles. In about half a litre of water soak a handful of sesame seeds; the white variety especially. It will soak and shrink to around 1/3rd of its quantity. This is when you can strain the water and drink it for immediate relief.

The best friend – bitter gourd

You can stir in some buttermilk to pure bitter gourd juice and drink this on an empty stomach daily morning. This will prevent piles and also reduce the inflammation around your rectum. You can use bitter gourd root for oral application on your rectum as well.

Ginger gimmicks

Ginger can effectively detoxify your body and keep you away from piles. All you have to do is peel and grate ginger. Grind it into a juice and stir in a teaspoon of mint juice and lemon juice and gulp it down. You could add some honey to enhance the taste of this detoxifying liquid. You will find relief from piles and having this over a period of time will completely keep piles at bay.

The active aloevera gel

Apply fresh aloevera gel to the affected areas and it will help cool and soothe the inflammation very effectively. Keep an aloe plant handy in your balcony or kitchen and reach for it while you find your piles to be irritable.

What’s better than a bath?

When you suffer from bleeding piles, there’s no magic like the warm bath. Fill your bath tub with nice warm water and relax in it. You can keep lying around until you feel relaxed and okay to step out!

The remedying radish

Now, radish is not only an internal healer, but also used to externally heal your piles condition. You can mix in a teaspoon of honey to radish juice and use this wonderful mixture for oral application.

The onion saga

You can mix 3 teaspoons of sugar with a slice of onion and eat this to prevent bleeding and irritation. It will also help soothe nerve agitation. Symptoms of discomfort will also fade away with onions.

Yogurt calling

To keep yourself away from bleeding piles and external inflammation conditions, mix in 1 ½ tablespoons of tamarind flower extract with one glass of yogurt. You can also spoon one teaspoon each of ginger, coriander and pomegranate juice to make the remedy more effective.

Mustard mania

Grind a few mustard seeds and add it to a bowl of yogurt. You can snack on this mixture before your breakfast and it will help heal both internal and external piles conditions.

Goat milk, the best remedy

You can powder a few mustard seeds and add it to a glass of goat’s milk to relieve you from piles; both internal and external. You can also rub a few drops of goat’s milk to your external piles conditions and it will soothe down the irritation.

Pomegranate, the reliever

Pomegranate peel powder is what you get at every Ayurvedic store these days. Boil a teaspoon or 2 of this peel powder with a litre of water, cool the mixture down and drink this liquid at least twice a day and you’ll find great relief from external and internal piles condition.

Turmeric, the teacher

Having used turmeric as the ardent spice in every dish prepared, we also know that turmeric is the best natural antibiotic and antiseptic. It hasn’t failed to show its excellence in treating piles as well. You can mix turmeric powder with mustard oil and a teaspoon of onion juice and apply this to external piles for immediate healing of the wound.

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