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Eating Lentils can Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

So, you’ve been hearing from health experts and people all around that lentils can do wonders on cholesterol levels? Of course, lentils are high in fiber content and they are heart-friendly. Also, they are used by the dieters as a means of low-fat replacement food. These lentils when incorporated in the form of recipes into one’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks can do a whole lot of healthiness. There are many simple recipes you can try out with lentils, which will take very less of your time, weigh less on your pockets and more than all, give you just goodness; nothing less, nothing more!!

Lentils can Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Spill the beans-consume one portion of the lentils in your diet in any form and lower the incidence of heart diseases and maintain your cholesterol levels as well. This is the well-known Ayurvedic cholesterol control methodology when it comes to eating.

Why are lentils special?

Like beans, lentils are legumes with immense goodness in them. Their habitat is found in ponds and they often have a small tip than of a pencil eraser. You can get hold of them as whole or half beans in a nearby supermarket and put it to use very effectively.According to our routine, we take in cholesterol through many forms of food and our body synthesizes the cholesterol content from those foods. It is said that 25% of our daily cholesterol intake comes from what we eat and the rest of the essential 75% is produced by our body itself. Thus, it means that every cell in the body produces cholesterol and hence it is needed by all the cell membranes to produce steroid hormones and digestive juices.

When you give your body more than this 25% that is when cholesterol problems set in! They lead to blood clots and heart attacks, thus giving a threat to life. These lentils will keep your manual cholesterol intake in control, thus letting the body do its job of preparing the rest of 75%. This is when you don’t have to face health issues. Now that you understood as to how lentils keep your cholesterol production and intake under control, read these simple recipes which you can make using lentils. Go heart-friendly!

  • Red Lentil Curry: boiling the lentils and marinating them with the Indian spices and cooking it out as gravy can give you the best of taste and health.
  • Lentil stew: Cook up the lentils, mash them add onions and toss them. Boil the whole mixture again with a little quantity of water and you will end up in a gruel kind of a food and that’s what you will call the stew.
  • Barley lentil salad: any good food or beans is best to be taken in the salad form. You could combine cooked lentils with barley, toss it with some olive oil and cut fruits and have it to your heart’s content!
  • Lentil rice: Like any other mixed rice variety, boil the lentils, add some spice to it, cook it with rice and your lentil lunch is now done.

Try such easy methods of cooking lentil and you will become a master in Ayurvedic cholesterol control.

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