Ayurveda medicinal properties of liquorice

Liquorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra, is commonly found in Punjab and Sub-Himalayas regions. The dried form of liquorice is commonly available in any Indian Bazaar. Referred to as “athimathuram”, it is the go-to herb for performing singers. It gained popularity from the signing fraternity. It is said to clear one’s gruffness in voice and is believed to add more to the sweet voice tone.

As mentioned, usually famous among singers, this herb is now going viral in terms of the health benefits it can add to an individual. The following health benefits are easily acquired if you use liquorice.

1. Treatment for coughs, colds, and other bronchial irritations

The root of liquorice is chewed in its raw form and it clears colds and soothes your throat during coughs or bronchial irritation. It can also be boiled in water, so that the goodness of the herb is infused in the water. The filtered water comes handy in providing relief from cough, cold and irritations.

2. The herbal antibacterial

Liquorice contains flavonoids and other components like saponins, coumarins, sterols, choline, triterpenoids, lignins, and amino acids including asparagine, gums, biotin, folic acid, inositol, lecithin, estrogenic substances, pantothenic acid, para – aminobenzoic acid, phosphorous, pentacyclic terpenes, protein, sugar, a yellow dye, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and E. Therefore, it promotes hair growth, keeps you away from infections, has a good control on blood sugars and favors overall healthiness.

3. Treats ulcers and stomach infections

Infusing dried liquorice in water and having the concentrated form of this decoction heals your stomach lining. It is because of the components in liquorice as mentioned above. These components not only heal the stomach lining, but also maintain your stomach health and keep you away from any further infections.

4. Anti-inflammatory herb

Liquorice has many antioxidants and flavonoids and can cure you of irritable conditions like skin rashes or itches, dandruff conditions etc. You can grind the dry form of liquorice and store its powder in an air tight container. You can make it into a paste by stirring in some water and use this paste on your scalp to get rid of dandruff or itchiness. You can also apply this to your skin when you have rashes.

5. Impacts your sexual life positively

Herbal medicines recommend liquorice as a remedy to increase sperm count or quality. It will also come handy in improving the chances of getting pregnant. It heals the internal uterine lining when women suffer from uterus infections.

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