Ayurvedic Properties of Plants Nut grass

Nut grass is commonly known as the “world’s worst weed”. The reason being, it grows rapidly and cuts down the growth of other crops in the farm.

Being categorized into the aggressive weed kinds, this grass plant grows in moist places that have a fair amount of sunshine too. This weed is widely seen even in tropical rainforests.

In the southern parts of India, this nut grass is used in perfume preparations. However, this plant cannot grow in shady conditions. It has a lot of medicinal benefits and we will look into a few most handy Ayurvedic benefits of nut grass plant:

Nut grass
Ayurvedic uses:

  • Nut grass is the best remedy for lowering fever
  • It will come handy as herbal drink that can cut off obesity
  • Nut grass plant comes handy for menstrual problems. You can get rid of irregular periods, pain and cramps during periods and conditions like overdue periods.
  • This plant comes to use as an anti-fertility herb as well. In Ayurveda, medicines made out of this plant are strongly recommended to those with fertility issues.
  • Those that have digestive complaints can rely on this herb. It is used in the powder and decoction forms to relieve gastritis problems and stomach infections. It will also cleanse your colon.
  • It works best in combination with amla (Indian gooseberry) juice or powder.
  • Nut grass acts as a coolant and astringent on your skin and can be used as herbal astringent
  • It is also anthelmintic and will kill worms from your intestine. Small quantities of this grass are administered to even kids for worm complaints.
  • The root of this grass is put to use in Unani medicines. They can cure kidney problems like infections and urinary problems, and also sores and fevers.
  • Unani recommends this grass for treating conditions like leprosy also. The chlorophyll content in this grass in combination with the antibacterial effects available in it, make it the perfect medicine for naturally treating medications like Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. It also comes to use in Homeopathy.

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